A creepy concept turned into a not-so-creepy oc

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A creepy concept turned into a not-so-creepy oc

Post by Mobutt on Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:55 pm


Honestly the biggest problem I find with her is that she isn't nearly as creepy as what she's based on. A Lamia is a creature that kidnaps children and eventually disembowels them. Even the original image was much creepier, but somewhere along the lines the concept got lost.

Also because I couldn't think of a suitable backstory for her despite my huge plots in most of my shit. I don't want to do the generic 'human-becomes--monsters-vice-versa' cliche either, and I intend to keep it short.

Since it's neither a legendary nor a document, I found it better to keep the document very short.

The original image. See what I mean?

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