Partners in Crime: A horrible story by LEASH

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Partners in Crime: A horrible story by LEASH

Post by Leash(Mightyena) on Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:26 pm

//Partners In Crime//

This is a story about two of my characters: Demone the Houndoom and Pounce the Torracat!
I uh, hope yall enjoy.... I'm such a bad writer...

Chapter 1: Blame Me...

It was a normal Summer evening, Demone had just finished eating his dinner, which consisted of a huge variety of berries. Now, he was sitting on the patio of his house, staring at the beautiful sunset. He sighed, slowly waving his tail as the wind softly brushed against his fur. He loved days like this, where it was just him and Mother Nature. After a while, Demone stood up straight, ready to head back inside. The sun was no longer visible, leaving the sky an almost pitch black color, probably a good time to head off to sleep. As he placed his paw on the door, he heard a loud snapping noise, followed by footsteps. The canine pokemon turned his head towards the noises, curiosity filled his eyes. Demone was one of the few pokemon that lived in the area, and where he lived, no one dared to go out at night, it was too dangerous. But this time, Demone couldn't help but wonder, what the heck that could have been... he figured a quick look couldn't hurt... The houndoom wrapped his paws around the railing of the patio, then grunted with effort as he hauled himself up, and over the edge. He forgot how high up his house really was, and took a 10 foot drop into the vegetation below.


He let out a soft groan as he lay stunned in the bush that broke his fall, once he recovered, he wriggled around to free himself from the mass of leaves and twigs that pulled at his pelt. With one last pull, he was able to tear himself free of the bush, leaving behind tiny clumps of black fur behind. Now that that was over with, he made his way into the woods.

It was dark, very dark. The rays of light from the moon were hidden away by the vast amount of trees that loomed over the houndoom, Demone however, showed no signs of fear, if anything, he was curious to figure out what had caused such a racket. After five minutes of walking, Demone stopped moving, taking a small break from his search. He sat down onto the rough woodland dirt, glancing around occasionally, to see if anyone was there. When he breathed in however, a horrible smell seemed to smack him in the face. He quickly leapt away from the foul stench, shaking out his pelt.

"What on earth..."

He mumbled, from where he was standing, the smell was gone, but once he leaned forward, he caught another whiff. The smell was... metallic, almost like, blood... Demone's heart started to beat faster, he looked all around his fur, checking for anywhere he could have been cut, nothing. He realized, this wasn't his blood, not at all... He stood up to his paws, trembling slightly from the experience, the thick scent of blood seemed to draw closer. He took a step, then immediately felt something sticky and wet cover his foot. He let out an alarmed yelp, stumbling back a few feet. He had stepped in blood, the dark crimson color was slightly noticeable, and the metal-like smell now coated his forepaw. This was really starting to freak him out, but he couldn't leave now, not yet... Out of the corner of his eye, Demone spotted a piece of metal, laying next to what looked like a rock, slowly, he trotted up to it. The metal was none other than a knife, which was also splattered with red. Demone slowly placed his clean paw on it, his maroonish eyes widened once he touched it.

"Oh my god..."

Was all he could manage to get out, he was ready to turn and get the heck out of there, when he remembered, the rock! He darted his head over to the side, and found a relatively long stick. He grabbed it in his sharp fangs, then brought it back to the "rock". Demone placed the stick underneath the object and carefully flipped it over, once he did, he almost passed out...

Laying at his paws, was the body of a pyroar. It had several slash marks near it's neck and stomach, probably delivered by that knife he found. Demone couldn't believe it, he had just found a dead body, what the heck was he supposed to do? Get the heck outta there? Report it back to the police?! Well, before he COULD do anything, a bright light suddenly flashed into his eyes, blinding him for a spilt second. He screamed, falling over on his side, then gripping the side of his head with his paw. He soon heard pawsteps, soft at first, then progressively got louder, the pokemon, soon revealed itself to be a stoutland, who was wearing a police hat on it's head.


It barked at Demone, who quickly scrambled to his paws, making eye contact with the larger pokemon.

"U-Uh... hello?"

He tried to speak as calm as he possibly could, despite the fact that he was terrified.

"We're going to need you to come with us..."

The stoutland spoke loud and clear, two herdiers appearing at his side, both wearing the police hats as well. The two smaller dog-like pokemon headed over to Demone, standing on either side of him. Demone knew that there was no use in arguing, that would probably make things worse... With a short whimper, he followed the police dogs out of the woods...

Chapter 1 done! I'll try to make one chapter every Wednesday and Saturday, just so I can progress the story without taking long breaks. Anyway, I'll try to post Chapter 2 this Saturday, until then, see y'all!

Chapter 2: Not Guilty Until Proven:

After a little while, Demone found himself standing in front of the local police station, he was hesitant to enter, his paws were noticeably shaking.

"Go on."

The stoutland barked, nudging Demone closer to the building, his tone was stern, and showed no signs of sympathy. Demone sighed, walking closer, but quite slowly, no need to rush, not like he was in a hurry.As soon as the four pokemon got inside, the stoutland walked ahead, sitting down in front of a large table, in front of the table was a bench, Demone figured he was supposed to sit there. He placed his paws onto the seat, then pushed himself to the top with his hind paws. He sat down awkwardly, nervousness took over his facial expression. It was silent for a little bit, finally, the stoutland spoke up...

"So, for starters, your name..."


Freaking stutter... Demone guessed that made him look a bit suspicious, since the judge gave him a weird look.

"So, Mister Demone, what exactly happened out there in the woods?"

"I was just on my patio, looking at the stars, when I heard a weird noise. I walked into the woods to see what it was, when I found the pyroar's body. End of story."

That was pretty much the whole story, there was no use in lying.

"Really... how do you explain the knife in your paw? Your pawprints are all over it..."

At that moment, Demone fell silent. True, he did touch the weapon, but... he didn't think it was some sort of murder case! He opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it. What was he supposed to do?!

"Mister Demone, I need an answer from you."

The stoutland barked, trying to get the houndoom's attention.

"J-Just mine? No one else's?" He said quietly, refusing to make eye contact.

"Just yours. It's stained with the victim's fur and blood, but the pawprints are traced back to you... Demone... It's proven, you murdered this pyroar."

"What? No!"

The dark canine's eyes grew wide with fear as he leapt off the seat.

"I-I can promise you! I didn't kill him!"

The two herdiers moved from their position next to the doorway, then pinned Demone down to the ground. The stoutland walked towards him, carrying a rope in his jaws. He dropped it in front of the houndoom, then carefully tied it around his forepaws.

"Demone, you are under arrest for the killing of this pyroar and sentenced to Seven years in this here prison."

The houndoom gasped at that, shaking his head.

"B-But sir! I haven't done anything!"

He tried to protest, but it did no good.

"Hey man, we proved you guilty, therefore, you're off to prison! Now stand up!"

The houndoom nodded, rising to his paws, tears slowly rolling down his cheeks.

"Boys, take him away..."

And with that, the two herdiers dragged Demone down the hallway, towards the mass of cages and cells. Demone knew that his life was ruined... if only he had just stayed home...

Chapter 2 done! Please tell me how I did, constructive criticism would be appreciated as well! Anyway, I'll see ya later!

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