Changing Names (Verified Users, Voices and Staff)

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Changing Names (Verified Users, Voices and Staff)

Post by Rico on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:50 pm

With the introduction of Verified Tutors/Helpers and the future Verified Hosts (as well as approved customs) the policy on changing names needs to be made public, as it no longer just applies to staff. Policy is pretty simple actually.

You may change your name once per year. The only exception is to change back to your previous name because you realised your new one is really stupid and embarrassing. If you change name again your rank will not be updated, your verified status will not be acknowledged when on that name and overall it will be a bad time.

Special note: If you are changing name and you are a roomauth please get permission to change name from every room you have auth in BEFORE you officially change names, and if you have auth in multiple rooms maybe trial using that name to make sure you enjoy it first.
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