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Post by Lefteh on Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:54 pm

Hey everyone, it's lizard guy here again with an idea proposal Fire Emblem related.

It's quite simple actually, making a fire emblem hack. Here are my main goals:

- A good story with character development and all

-All new characters

-New weapons

-New continent and kingdoms

-A game with more than 10 chapters

There are six kingdoms in this continent. In the north is Revalia is the kingdom with the most stable monarch and the happiest villagers. The current leader is Prince Bernand who is praised for his skill in combat, his retainer Leon dreams of being like him. Next to Revalia on the eastern side is Gelia, this kingdom is inhabited by only warrior tribes, the ruling tribe is selected through a yearly tournament to show who has the best warrior. On the western side lies Darian, Darian is a mostly normal kingdom and an ally of Revalia, the ruling princess is a gifted magic user while her younger sister trains with the sword. On the south lies Mechons the most modern kingdom, people seem to be happy there and the president, Azeph happens to be a kind man who owns both the Judgement tome and the forbidden Crystaliflame tome. Next to Mechons is Veroni, a suspicious kingdom who has a dictator-like king with his son following close in his footsteps. The king is simply known as Demonicus. Finally, there is Elise which is slowly sinking into chaos due to the early death of both the King and Queen leaving an unprepared princess named Eris to rule.

The Prince of Revalia along with his three most loyal soldiers and his army begin a conquest of the continent and almost succeeds when he is stopped and killed by the president of Mechons Azeph. The Prince's death wish is for his retainer to take over and rule the kingdom for him, a wish that Leon reluctantly grants. A few months later an allied Veroni and Mechons begin an attack on Revalia, Leon is forced to ally with the other kingdoms in order to save his kingdom and repair the trust Bernand has broken with the other kingdoms while also trying to repel attacks from the attacking kingdom.

I'm currently at the stage of designing characters

Now I was wondering if anybody would help support and help me in making this project. If you would like to help out then just feel free to PM me on forums, reply here or talk to me on showdown should I be online.

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