King's Game: A Murder Mystery variant

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King's Game: A Murder Mystery variant

Post by Shion on Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:47 pm

this idea is still very rough around the edges, and so, i am here to get a bit of feedback over it.


Basic rules

-One player is named as the “King”, this player is allowed to give out a number of Commands at every round of the RP
-after every death, one player chosen at random recieves a small hint of the King’s identity
-the players must figure out who the King is before all of them are killed.

King Orders
the types of commands that the king can give out are
-Death: [Player A Must die.] the King may add any extra conditions to this command, such as “Player A must die by the hands of Player B” or “Player A must die by a fire-type move”, the host is to judge whether these extra conditions are applicable or not. This Order is always given at every round, and can be followed by another different order if the king wishes

-Silence: [Player A is not to Utter a word until the next Order is given] A player that recieves this order must not speak until the next set of orders is given out. the player may still roleplay actions of their characters, just not have the character talk.

-Prohibition [Doing X will result in punishment] The king gives out one action, no players can do that action until the next order comes. the act selected by prohibition must not overlap with any other order that the king could give (the king cannot prohibit talking as this overlaps with the Silence Order)

-Devil’s Tongue [Player A is to speak in lies until the next order is given] until the next set of orders is given, this player must lie about the hint they acquired, should they have any.

For every individual order that a king gives, one random player that is still alive receives a hint about the king’s identity


Failure to follow any of the King’s Orders results in a punishment to the player in question. Punishments themselves are variations of the king’ Orders, although they do not have the feature of a timeout (A player punished with silence cannot speak for the rest of the RP), furthermore, Punishments do not give any hint of the King’s identity, Death cannot be selected as a punishment

Round Cycle
-A king gives out its Death Order, along with an aditional Order if they wish so
-A short time spam is given for roleplaying
-Player named in the Death Order will die
-A random player that is still alive will receive a hint about the king's identity.
-A poll will be held to decide who the players think is the king, the one with the most votes is executed

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