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(For the sake of space, I will include the original lore of Hokarum. The link included either above or below contains all of the lore so far and the character sheet I have requested any potential Roleplayers to fill out! Please message me with your character sheet when you are done for approval! )


   The night was calm and quiet in the gorgeous city of Barkhearth. Children played, parents tended, and only the odd street rat seemed out of place. For the Central Market, however, things were a bit different. Sweaty bodies shoved into one another, accompanied by the disgruntled objections of whatever soul had the pleasure of being forcefully moved. This only added to the otherwise energized feeling of the market. Alchemists displaying their potions with outlandish claims of long life and promises of drawing love, blacksmiths all claiming to have the finest weapons in the land, tailors swearing up and down their clothes were made specifically for you.  Jav'aeris paid none of these any mind though, as he had a torrential amount of irritation clouding his mind.

~ That gods damned navigator gave me wrong coordinates. There wasn't even a bloody cave. let alone my fucking tomes. ~

He thinks to himself as he weaves through the market place. He his hair is thrown backwards by an upward flip of his chin, freeing his vision from the metaphorical blindfold put on him by his raven locks. Using a gliding hand to ensure the hair stayed back and out of his, he made his way to the fidgety map-maker's booth. Upon seeing the Dark One's irritated face, the color instantly drains from his cheeks, but it is too late as Jav'aeris is already at the front of the booth. Oddly enough no one else seemed interested in the navigator. How quaint.

"You have a lot of explaining to do, you filthy excuse of a rat!"

He snarls under his breathe.

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