Experimental Balance Conquest (Variant) (EBCQ)

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Experimental Balance Conquest (Variant) (EBCQ)

Post by Lux Gracetail on Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:32 am

Might as well make a post about it 'ere, so here goes.

Experimental Balance Conquest

Rules document can be found here.


Experimental Balance CQ basically seeks to make CQ's meta a more balanced and even one - thus allowing diversity and all that cool jazz.

My motivation for making the thing.:

You may notice that this custom doesn't do anything for RPers at the moment.  No outs, no get out jail free cards, nothing that evens the field on skill or skews it.  This seems to be a purely competitive variant - perhaps almost leaning towards a metagame.  This is not my intention.

Close friends and Conquest Confidants of mine will know that me, of all people, would hate to see CQ degerate into a metagame.  It's an RP, and I not only believe it, I weave it, I paint it to life with carefully constructed tapestries and lores.

But... if some types are simply free wins for other types, or never win...  what's the point of playing those types?  You're less likely to be able to RP for long, since some weakness hunter might just think you're a weak enough target to pick on.  And herein lies the reasoning for my first line of buffs.  Perhaps a full month or two before this custom had even formed within my mind, I boredly entertained myself in the holidays by irritating other top CQ players, bugging them to make a tier list, show me theirs, how they think the types stack up.  Consistently, there were four or five types that were always the lowest.  It likely would be of little surprise to you to learn that those types are the subjects of these buffs.  None of these ace slots outright break a type, even fire, with the most abusable slots still isn't top tier (for its own personal reasons, including a poor matchup with the highly tiered Dragon and SR weakness - which I won't go into further now). Each of the other types does not even have two ubers to fill both slots with:

Ice: Kyu-W
Grass: Skymin
Rock: Actually none.
Electric: Zekrom
(Fire has Blaziken, Ho-oh, Reshiram.)

By buffing these types - a buff that does not even send them to top tier.  I have indirectly nerfed the higher types, as these previously "free" matchupus are no longer free wins.

The buffs I have allowed in my release version are carefully considered and do not break the meta, being an attempt to push the types towards a more fair and balanced metagame.

Thoughts, suggestions, feedback welcomed.

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