The Golden Rules of Hosting! [Chapter 1 of Hosting for Dummies]

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The Golden Rules of Hosting! [Chapter 1 of Hosting for Dummies]

Post by Arkter on Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:16 am

Hosting for Dummies Chapter One

Hello fellow readers! My name is Arkter and i have been on psrp on and off for about 3 years. You might see me hosting one of my customs or making one. Now do you want to aspire to be the VERY best host there is? Do not worry as i will be here to guide you!
The golden rules of hosting
1:Thou shalt not break immersion
What this means is that you MUST NOT under any circumstances try and break immersion. You cant just suddenly place a RonaldMcdonald npc or a Giant Shark with Laser Gatling Guns on steroids in the rp without Reason!

2:Thou shalt stick to thy Mechanics
Contrary to popular belief. The words in a doc ARE there for a reason.  You must include EVERY mechanic you have in the custom. One of the mistakes most commonly seen in the PSRP room is a Host NEGLECTING certain mechanics that can make a rp better

3:Thou shalt immerse thy players
You ARE the host. The master of your world/realm! And its your job. Yes YOUR job to immerse the players. You cant expect the players to immerse themselves and get a feel for it by themselves too!

4:Thou shalt pace thy RP properly
Now now now. Most hosts immediately want to jump the gun and get to the 'good' stuff. You cant go from 0 to OH MY GOD SO FAST.
You must slowly build up momentum, immerse the players make it feel like a real world! Neglecting to do so will also break the first rule of hosting

5:Thou shalt make thy players feel accomplished
Whats the fun in doing a custom without making the players feeling happy and with a sense of accomplishment! Without that it's just a stale rp waiting to die!

Examples of thy documents that are great examples for thy rules (Not self advertising i swear)

Rule three: Contractors! A roleplay which influence the universe directly! It's mechanic is used to immerse the player properly into thinking there is a real living ecosystem with inhabitants!

Rule Four: The End of Creation! It slowly drives the players in using the corruption as a pivot to propell it futher. It slowly makes the players worried until all hell breaks loose!

Rule Five!: Artefact Hunters! One of my most accomplished dnd variants. It gives the sense of reward to players after each hunt and gives them something to remember their great hunts by the form of their Artefacts!

I have been thinking of this 'series' for a while. Tell me what you think about it and whether i should continue posting new chapters for aspiring new hosts!


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Re: The Golden Rules of Hosting! [Chapter 1 of Hosting for Dummies]

Post by Gym Leader ABCDE on Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:44 pm

Thanks for the golden rules. I wanna be my very best, like no-one ever was. Thank you Arkter.
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