So long, and thanks for all the fun.

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So long, and thanks for all the fun.  Empty So long, and thanks for all the fun.

Post by ADHD⧓Tux on Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:58 pm

Some of you might have noticed my drop in activity recently, and... well...

I've been doing this for over 4 years, and as much as I love you all, it's time to move on. I have to deal with school, and my parents are forcing me to get a job soon. On top of this, there are other things I want to do that take priority over PS. I might return in the future, but it will be a while before I come back. Maybe in university where I don't have to deal with my parents - provided I actually make it to university. If I don't, I'll still carry these memories in my heart for years to come.

Before I go, however, I'd like to say a few thanks to people that have made a difference here.
Rikyro: You've possibly made the biggest difference in my life here on PSRP, and your DnDs were some of the most fun I've ever had in my life. Thank you.

Lux: You made CQ my favourite RP, and for that, I thank you. I also liked our late night CQ chats that made me think.

Have A Choco Bar: You've made me smile on so many occasions, and I'm very grateful for that. Thanks for the fun!

Arkter: You're a very funny guy, and your DnD made me happy as well.

Psychoreality: As a driver, you've single-handedly run the RP room on many occasions during the dead hours. That kind of dedication is something I'll never be able to have and I'm very happy a staff member has that kind of determination. Thank you.

Kylise: You always greeted me with a when I came online, even if nobody else would. Thank you.

Ninian (Primarina): I haven't seen you in the RP room since September, and I don't know if you'll see this message, but thank you for getting me back into PSRP.

LumaSoul: I haven't seen you in ages, but you were very good at putting a smile on my face before my long hiatus. Thank you.

Glaceon88: Oh boy. The memories. You're the first person I ever RP'd with, and although I haven't seen you in over 3 years, you influenced me into coming back. Thanks.

And for some more general special thanks:
Orchid Bee
Day of the Dead
Penelope Skie
Atom (Mantine)
Kami no Lucky
Rocket Admin Lens
Darkness (Umbreon)
Chihiro’s AlterEgo
Winter Wizard/Comrade Winter
Burr Krogh
Kitsuke (S. Gallade)
Punch the SNOZ
the writing squib
Castle of Gears
Darth Toran
Hope Evans
Vent Vanitas
John (M.Braixen) + his alts
Lady Patchouli
Eloise Noble

Last but not least, I'd like to say thanks to the Roleplaying Bot. Although you're not human and your reliability has been questionable at times, you made my experience far better than if you didn't exist. So thanks, Synthia.

Well, this is it.
This might be goodbye, but maybe it won't be forever. But in case it is...
I love you all. <3
Thanks for making these last 4 years better.

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So long, and thanks for all the fun.  Empty Re: So long, and thanks for all the fun.

Post by DatTeamMaster on Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:41 pm

Awwwwwww I'll miss ya

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So long, and thanks for all the fun.  Empty Re: So long, and thanks for all the fun.

Post by Have A Choco Bar on Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:12 am

Man... Can't believe you're leaving... This is saddening, to say the least. I feel grateful that you thought I was funny and brought a smile to your face, and I hope these memories follow you through your life! Hope to see you soon, my dude.

Good luck in your endeavors. Have a great time in real life too! Don't let anything in life bring you down, and if it does, just spring back up again. Hope you get into college, and I'll probably be in college with you, if I also get accepted.

I don't know if you're reading this or not, but I'm also sorry for missing this until four days after you posted it. It didn't show up for me, and I didn't see any new posts, and I regret not being able to send you off.

Luv ya like a brother, brother. Again, good luck in life.
Have A Choco Bar
Have A Choco Bar

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So long, and thanks for all the fun.  Empty Re: So long, and thanks for all the fun.

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