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Canon Characters

Post by Rico on Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:34 pm

We have a rule against the use of canon characters, both from Pokemon and from other fandoms. I'm going to try and explain this rule in the quickest and simplest way possible, as there is some confusion about what makes something a canon character.

What can you use.
Normal first/last names (individually, not together)
For example: (first names) Mai, Alexander, Vladimir, Timothy
(last names) Anderson, Smith, Turner

Concepts used by canon characters.
For example: Emo guy with a big brother complex that uses lots of fire, Dude with outrageous hairstyle who really enjoys poker, Determined Pokemon Trainer who's not very smart but has lots of instinct and wants to be the very best pokemon master or something I don't know what even is Ash's motivation anymore.

Character Appearances
For example: Tall blonde with a red overcoat and deep blue eyes; Average teen with tanned skin and dark hair, his hooded eyes making it look like he's always squinting

What you can't use
Obscure first/last names
For Example: Yugi, Ragnaros, Dracula, Zeus

Exact copy of a first/last name
For example: Mai Valentine, Timothy Turner

Recent public figures. This one's a bit more complicated as some public figures have fairly common names or appearances. This falls more in to a general rule which is:
When you name a character, the first thing you think of when saying the name is your character. Nobody is going to think "That's my boy" when they unleash Ragnaros Trump on to the world.

Direct reference to the canon character you're copying.
Example: He looked just like Sasuke Uchiha, His hair was suspiciously like yugi's which was complimented well when he changed personality and grew a foot, I dunno he's Ash alright?

Generally speaking, your character should be your character. You can take inspiration from others, you can even pretty much just be a carbon copy with a new name, but if you can't tell me who that character is without referencing whatever shit anime you watch, it's not okay.
Also your name should be your own. Not literally yours, but it shouldn't be something that the average person instantly goes "Isn't that that one famous thing?". You can use normal names, or make up your own, but try to avoid using something that will just remind people of something other than your RP.

Finally, please note that all of this does come down to moderator discretion. If a mod says no, then you'll have to change something.
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