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Conquest For The Future

Post by Articuno on Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:30 am

Hey guys. As you probably know, I've been a big part of Conquest ever since I joined the room. Writing the original doc was actually a big part of why I'm in the position I have today. It's been... almost five years, I think. Conquest was always a lot of fun to me, until I started being in charge of it. When I first started, I didn't know anything about battling. Like, at all. Like, I put Sleep Powder on every Grass mon on my team. Hell, I used Lilligant. So... it was nice to be ignorant of the metagame for a bit. Things don't always keep like that, though, and so it became more of a responsibility to continually improve and update the doc and the rules. 

To prevent myself from going on a huge nostalgia trip, I'll make things clean and easy. I'm tired of Conquest. I'm tired of the complaining and putting hours of work into the RP only to be met with more criticism, negativity, and apathy. I'm handing the reins over to four individuals who I trust will be able to better Conquest together. These users are: MawiliteVGC, madman404, PotatoBlaster, and Lux (Lucario)

Before you PM me with "OMG ARTI WHY NOT ME", I know personally that each and every one of these users are more than capable of handling the metagame, and I chose them myself for that reason. I will still keep tabs on whether or not changes to the mechanics themselves are appropriate. The main thing is that I no longer have the motivation or the time to upkeep Conquest. 

If any of you harass these users regarding MY decision, be warned: I will not stand for it and you could end up permabanned based on the severity of your actions. I am the one who asked them to do this. They didn't suck up, they didn't even know until I told them. 

As for Simplified and Battleless Conquest, I'm not sure. They may end up dying into nothingness, or they could be revived by our newly crowned Conquest Council. Speaking of which, expect to see them with this title on the forums in the next coming days or weeks or months, I don't know. They will be in charge of it from now on, not me.

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