Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Sabre on Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:56 pm

ok i'll make a new one since the other one is very old

Mateeus_1: very fun to joke around with, but i have to dock some points for killing me in minecraft
Lux: fun to talk with but is always a quiet kitten and very sleepy
wanteddark: cool, good user
dr cirno: see above, likes ice types i guess. good enough for me
physician why: plays toontown so they get on here
endurr: his nama jeff
nat: i always looked up to you when i was a simple regular
other staff members: like all of them they're all good.
roleplaying bot: making my life a lot easier
ex-staff members: miss you. all of them (even the banned ones (you know who you are (ok maybe not them)))
other people: yeah they know who they are

im lazy


ff7 is a good game

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Mobutt on Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:53 am

Since I'm not online much anymore, this list will be surprisingly short.

All Moderators, Drivers and Room Owners for not going insane as they watch over the room.
Bashful Bluuu for being the first guy to join the first custom in which I put effort into. And for being a (not-shit) user.
TheBlindArcher for being a nice person to talk to, for having a lot of good PM Rps with him and for introducing me to the shittiness that is TF2 players. It was fun.
Everyone who ever participated in my rps. Knowing how much of a total 'ugh' I am when it comes to making customs these days, I appreciate it. Fuck, I feel like hosting again.
18th for reminding me how life sucks (remember the Great Pokemon War?) and for being a good voice overall.
Quarleen for being more or less my first (good!) friend. Also for being a decent character. Also for basically creating the first jokey character I made that was actually jokey.
Locamomi/PixelKirby for always bullying me into hosting.
And Arti (personally) for being a great room owner, for telling me how to get out of the hellhole that is no-tolerance, for being a generally nice user, for making a bunch of amazing rps, for being a really good rper, and for not banning me every time I get on my purely untolerable rants.
Everyone who told me off as Err0r Mobutt.
Everyone who told me off when I get shitposty/godmoddy. I. APPRECIATE. IT. GREATLY.

TheOneAndOnlyYin for being a cool user, I guess. /shrug
Anyone who called my shit good and had justification for it.
PixelKirby (again) for being a generally cool user. Also for making the first smart oc I've seen that can act smart.
Articuno for always intimidating me out of Freeroam (and simultaneously inspiring me right back into it).
Anybody who actually thinks that shitty me deserves thanks. I can't even thank myself due to the fuck-ass that was Err0r Mobutt.
Everyone who remembers Err0r Mobutt and was forgiving enough to pretend that never happened.
Mono for making stale memes good.
Ryoko Yakarata for reminding me that customs still have hope just not mine rip.

I probably didn't miss anyone because I have no friends xd

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by ProwlerBC on Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:16 pm

Pretty much every moderater,voice,ro,and everyone in that category,for they support the room and keep it alive
IcarusIsABadSniper: part if one of my first dnds, and generally a good guy
Ryan Firzmagic: for partky bringing me into roleplaying from their amazing custom,and being a good mod in general.
Zester,Xck,Gekko,And enchi:just really great mods in general,shout outs to you for being some of my favorite users!
Leash(Mightyena): my best friend and showdown,and someone I can trust.I don't care that they're a furry or they're newer, they're just a really great friend,despite things that would disgust others
John(Fennekin): for also being a good friend,but not on leash's level,but still a good friend
Lux(Lucario): for keeping the room and bot alive.he is what makes the room great,and really deserves more attention
and finally, KingOfTheRathalos,for being one of the first users I met,and generally being very helpful and kind to me when I first met they're rather inactive,but they're still remembered by me for being one of my first friends

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Fervis on Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:56 am

My turn to show my appreciation to those who have impacted me in one way or another. In no particular order,

Enchidio: this may not be rp based, but you were my inspiration to begin my BH quest. Letting my very first BH team get rekt by you let me see all the loopholes that I had, and it motivated me to keep on improving myself, and get to where I am today.

Vent Vanitas and Ryan Fitzmagic: when I first stepped into the room, you two were the first mods I started asking questions to. I'd like to thank you both for the warm welcome that I received when I was clueless and also for teaching me how the room works.

Psychoreality, Lady Patchoulli and TheClawInside (forgive me for any spelling errors): thanks for guiding me through my first few hostpolls. I admit that I was a nervous wreck back then when I had no experience in hostpolling at all. I decided to give it a go anyway and made lots of mistakes. You guys helped me to correct my mistakes and I'm thankful for that.

Rotom's Pokedex: when I was relatively new in the room, you helped me solidify my first OC, Fervis(Blaziken). Without your help, I wouldn't have a decent OC to rp as. Thanks for also being incredibly patient with me as I edited the backstory of him.

Darkness(Umbreon) and Articuno: thanks for being kind and patient room auth. Thanks for patiently helping me with my endless questions about my rp docs, and general questions too.

Destium: thanks for helping me through the period in which I was locked and couldn't speak. Thanks for helping to calm me down from my state of panic, allowing me to think of the solution to the problem.

Ralme(Lycanroc-M), VeeVee(Sylveon) and Lady Kilea: thanks for accepting me as a friend, and being patient with me as I was warming up to y'all.

Grace (Lilligant): Ah well, where should I start? Thanks for being my closest friend in the rp room, and probably on the whole of PS too. Thanks for being a kind and loving friend, and putting up with all of my rants. You make a fantastic collaborator and friend.

BoltZekromz: Thanks for being a great friend to me. Sometimes, I regret not getting to know you a little earlier, because you really are a nice person. Thank you for the chats about random stuff we occasionally have on PS. It means a lot to have a friend like you.

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Crestfall on Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:23 am

This thread is still as cute as when it was first made. Razz

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Yung Kujo on Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:47 pm

s/o all ym niggas from the grave yard gang shit cuh
Yung Kujo

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Endurr on Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:19 pm

i appreciate
edit: im in a sentimental mood now

too long lol:

ifritt - dead user, more of a nostalgic thing but he's been one of my first friends on this dang site. very cool to be around, but he's moved on from psrp for uh.....bigger and better things? lmao. thanks for the fun times, man.
phys - well...................she said it herself best friend.....only sometimes though....................
lekanne - i remember meeting you in like 2015 except we didn't at all, fast forward to 2017 and you actually got voiced for some reason (that reason obviously being that ur friends with me lol.....). you're one of my favorite people to talk to and u happened to spoil odyssey for me.....never forget that's there's a final boss at the end of the game, bros.
vlazz - what a weird portuguese guy.....this is what the rp room driver standards have dropped to????? vlazzah being promoted.....the end of psrp.....jokes aside, you're a fun guy except for where you spread lies and non-facts about me in main.... like, me? being fat and sucking? fukin loser please stop. (please don't die in your sleep i'll actually cry ur my fav staff no homo tho)
lizie - "hey guys who can write a appreciation post in 5 minutes? not me lol" when u can't even do what u i said with vlazzah you most obviously did not deserve the promotion? i can't believe an actual nice voice got promoted? psrp is dead. besides that you're a good presence and i most definitely appreciate the convos i have with you sometimes.
chron - ahh. i think i've been friends with you for a while now, and although we don't talk as much as i do with others, you're still great. you should really try and bring amphy to life tho, it just needs the spark of most of the regulars that uh, weren't banned. you said you weren't gonna win the story contest bc you would procrastinate, but i knew u couldnt lose. congrats.
enchi - out of all these people, i think i've known you longer than everyone. safe to say i did not like you at first, thought you were annoying, weird, bad host, etc. just like most people at the time. looking back, i think u've definitely improved as a host/person(?, maybe, but i think ur the same, and that's not a bad thing at all.) i'm happy that you didn't take the insults as much and stopped hosting the dnds/customs you really enjoyed. (kantsu dating sim x soon bros, u heard it here.)
mat - how'd u just....die like that? Sad, i never knew you much as an rper. i always saw you more of a battler (and yeah, you're amazing at mono.) i actually did not know you used to be an rp regular! (under an alt, i guess....maybe regular is stretching it.) you're a swell guy to talk to, thanks for the motivation when i was laddering one time. come back....
frac - ok u just flat out died what the fuck i've never seen a user actually vanish like that holy shit how. i most definitely remember my first interaction w/ you. it was in uhh, ifritt's and nedley's dnd, the nuclear throne one. LegendaryBoy himself was quite legendary in that, pretty stacked himself. we had good laughs during that rp, and then we sort of knew each other better. i'd never know you as one of my closest friends (because we're not) but you're one of the people i remember the most about. good luck in w/e you doing, maybe stop by again.....
revnas/wolf - man, you hosted a lot of my favorite rps. it's more of these older users that i have much more memories about, esp when you got voiced. i think it was those times where i had a ton of fun in rping, that dnd run before you voiced was full laughs, from my part. i thoroughly enjoyed it and i have to thank you so much for such fun things. we'd also battle alot with the other meta of the month, and those battles were a blast. either i'd be kicking your ass and then you show off a gimmick that sweeps my team, or it's a close fight where i end up haxing you. thank you.
penny - hm, i'm not sure if we're friends, but i'm putting you on here because of mainly the rps you've hosted. you had a really old dnd that i thought was fun (i was like 10 or 11 at this time ;___Wink and i did not know what a chocobo was at all but i still found joy in rping as one. that uh, dnd, also err....inspired me? when i was on a craze of making dnds that 99% of them i never hosted. the main thing i uh, remember was some fight with drunk chocobos, that i made into................drunk
sabre - hmm, again, we talk occasionally, but we played some video games and had fun times. however, u do not fucking shut up about gilgamesh or -insert final fantasy thing here- and ARAAARARGH DUDE COME ON WHAHFU(AEIGJSA......and then i laugh.
jazz - ok, i most definitely do not think we were friends at all, but i've always thought you were some kind of alt because when you initially joined the room, i was p shocked that some nice user could actually be a thing. you were very nice to a ton of people.....good luck w/ life.
flare - ahhh man, you're quite the user. when i first saw you bragging about how long u've been on the site and how for some stupid reason u preferred 2013 room over the present, i was really annoyed by u and i'd just get super mad when i see you in cq. although, you've toned down your ego and now you randomly pm me and i just start talking to you w/ ease, forgetting ur the same user that i hated the guts of.
arx - at one point, i'd say i..did not know you at all. oh, what a mistake that was. you're a very funny user, and definitely a shitposter extraordinare. i just see u in cq, and all of a sudden ur packing the most flames team i have ever seen. what a user you are, you're really great.....1st part of the 2 man brit shitposters.
dracon - man, i'd rlly say i do not know u very well, i've only seen you on the sidelines and stuff. like, i'm pretty sure you do not know me very well too, but you're pretty funny sometimes when i read the logs of like, 1 day ago.
chc - part 2 of the brit shitposters, you're also extremely funny and i've a lot of the time overlooked you for, i don't fucking know, some weird reason. please keep being cool, u inspire me to a certain way.
dreams - ya, again, we were never friends at all, but i'm somewhat starting (no) to get to know u a bit more, and you're great. ur such a good user, i'm not sure how people just overlook you at times. watching you rp is pretty neat, so....keep uh, going? idk man.
blue tulip/sdpp - you're a cool user to be around, because i don't remember how, but you don't come on as much which sucks, but it still feel good to be friends w/ a great guy like you. come on more, lol.
xero - I CAN NEVER FORGET THIS DUDE, AAAAAAAAAAAA. i'm sad you can't come on more, you were one of the ppl i'd always rp with. same w/ frac, my first interaction with you was in ifritt's dnd, where we'd continuously try to get better than each other, p much a rivalry in that rp....except we took it out of the rp and applied it to the ooc as well, we had great laughs. you're one of the users i miss the most, because ur bad at hackmons cup and u r an easy win XDDDD. serious note tho, u should start coming on more, because i rlly miss u,,,

man, this is only from the top of my head but i've really met a lot of nice users on here. there's definitely more i forgot about, and mayb ill write one expanding more on each user (and more or less). thanks.

e: i applied more sentimential shit on this, and i think im gonna expand more but i wann stop for now.

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Candiies on Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:22 pm

i'm back,,, gonna mention some users from my previous posts (that were made probably a half a year or more ago anyway)
lizie- you did this to me,
endurr- my best friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sometimes
chron- ur a cool dude, at least you dont have avocado jokes on repeat 24/7 anymore
luma/lady patchouli- whomst is this.... ur cool.... sometimes...................................
dga/espurr- im here for art tips always, most of the time, sometimes, whatever... ur also cool
largejellopy- v cool user, great rper, a good presence pretty much everywhere
koki- ur dead but that means that i have no one to complain about useless things to
cruella- archenemy, mortal enemy, we were about to duke it out as witches, it was fun, then it didn't happen
nedley- you were ifritt's nephew, we had good laughs
koopakick- literally the least cool kid on the block, still somehow a cool user
penelope skie- ur pretty dead now away but your arts are still coolio
azamuku- we miss u bruh
rotoms pokedex- poacher gang gang

probably will be added to later or something

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by LumaSoul on Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:31 pm

honours go to lux, starbloom, morfent and other shadow staff members or whatever that help to keep rp room going super butter smooth by managing roleplaying bot.

i'd like to show appreciation to crestfall too for being not only one of the realest people i know but also being one of the best shitposters the room's ever seen

more at 11


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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Lizie on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:26 pm

I can never have enough of this thread!!!  also if i forgot u just lmk, ill add you on here, sorry for posting in this thread way too many times
Long long list:

basically imma just list cool memories rather than ur positive traits since you guys have too many to list

1) Espurr: our 2000 calls, falling asleep on said calls, drawing Wink, buying gf, wisdom teeth, jimbo, jehovas witness encounters, animorphs, harry potter jr,  honestly i enjoy everything we do and ill always b here 4 u,

2) Blue Tulip: you cant burn me now ive lost all feeling, our first and most awkward call, that trainer doc which we made after 2 years of procrastination but had to abandon since s/m came out, that group chat

3) Lawful Evil: remember that kingdom doc? tirathil?, how literally everything u say catches me off guard, sam, our entire friendship um, OUR COMBO, anime girl and skeleton gmod flirting, pentagrammical pigeons, ur trashketball story, i cant fucking express how literally everything u say makes me smile and i love hearing about your day, our detective chronicles, kicking u in the shin

4) Koki: playing magicka, playing gmod on new years eve, bamboozlin, koki died in hurricane harvey, posing all those models, discussing our amazein culture, when u lost our streaks when they got to 100 twice...., when we first became friends, annoying the heck out of you by butchering your name and being an idiot in your customs

5) Penelope Skie: pen- el- law- pee- sky, cursed food images, the pile of goats u drew me, elise's thirst for death, my special potion mixes, being an idiot in ur customs too, speculating on chron's avocado kink, energy sugar, being probably the most normal in unholy trinity + satan, jubyphonic, laelia, civ matches (chron takes too long), bgo everyday pls, weeb brothers, thanks for becoming my friend this summer Smile

6) Endurr: idk why but i remember this one cq where enchi and i were knighting for illario and u dubbed us "illario and his army of two idiots" and then u beat us so bad, playing minecraft, confusing u with enchi and enmaku, playing minecraft, "is immune lol" hating on vlazzah, shit🅱osting, egg + unorp,

7) Barry: #damnit barry, your cheese rooms, that document labeling all your rooms, when you made the world's longest scarf, wwgg, your butler era, when u couldnt speak more than 3 sentences without 499  puns, best iris kid in the world, BUTTERS

Cool Luma: congrats ur name makes me think of subarus, gas gas gas, u are genuinely fun to talk to, disapproving of me for my once phallic humor, hi milli, ur dead now tho so Sad,

9) Lekanne: 5 am calls, laughing at ur neighbor's house, furry convention, talking to lola, that photo of myself i accidentally sent u, having to explain my american speech to u brit, bamboozling, when our friendship was so new the only way we could talk was either through daisz or about daisz, minecraft, we've hd a lot of heart to hearts and real talks, and i feel like im a bit of a dick to you recently so sorry Sad, ilyyy

10) Cirno: yOUR DAMN PUNS, playing civ that one time, excellent ice ally, when we called once and u were playing the binding of isaac, when i keep realizing u are not as pure as people think....

11) Large Jellopy: your constructive positivity, positivity.... positiveness..., remember our underwater friends plot?

12) Physician Why: fangirling about the youtube b o y s, stardew valley speech, always putting up good rps, "im done with titania", that wasnt very cash money of you, also i remember a lot of the random phrases you say theyre just super funny ok like "yall need some mcdonalds thirst quenchers"

13) Wanted Dark: that one call with flare and khahara, you're such a cute person btw, ranting about parents and school, drawings!

14) Vlazzah: i will forever hate u, u weeb. how is catalonia? im kidding though youre fun to talk to, i hope ur guardian figures ease up on ur rules. do not say my nam jef to me ever again or there will be blood

15) Enchi: pokemonopoly, kantsu dating sim, ur feral weavile oc, GODDESS TURBOBLAZE, n** died

16) Jazz: oh hecking heck!, skincare advice, boys...., spicy ramen, doctor who, jacks couriers, musical choices

17) Sabre: garbage eater, whalerp, ur knowledgable calculus speak which i cannot handle, ur opium war in cq

18) Deemio: roy is our boy, playing volleyball in chb, literally just chb, talking about bbq and crushes (this is so girly omg)

19) Rick: you are the best daughter i have ever had, fuckboy, writing ur shitty fanfics, the group chat,

20) Xene: thanks for always being there, hitting u up at 3 am for the ADVICE, screaming about the guitar, screaming about guys, screaming about our week, oh lord this sounds emo

21) Orchid Bee: youre  a cute and fun prescense. sometimes i am baffled by how innocent u are, and you are not that short

22) Lux: Synthia RPs, random talks, get more sleep u nub, playing chess, when i drew lux for you (although that was such a bad drawing)

23) The Writing Squib: gene from the emoji movie on your math notebook, the random sonic trivia u pm me, drawing faces on oversized noses which have oversized noses with faces that have oversized noses and faces in the nose

24) zekrom74: thanks for meeting my uncle jimbo! lets continue that civ match sometime soon, i hope army doesnt kill you, you are so understanding and sweet

25) MawiliteVGC: when u were the commentator for that one battle and that was like the only battle i was able to win against you without a type advantage :~), username is  a ____, you say a lot of occasional fun stuff too its really entertaining to talk to you, dont change buddy

26) Daisz: queen........., getting married in gmod, our roller coaster powers, listening to u talk about cheer and korean cuisine, guiding me in paladins (although i didnt start playing it Sad), when it was a long time ago and u were a frillish and u put nekis and i in a bag and made us call u senpai

27) Cruella: we were friends once... but then u beat me in uno so we cant talk anymore, u have very weird interests like old people ocs and killing off all your ocs, island of fate, when i abandoned u in the nether

28) Trick: ok im gonna say it right here- u were the absolute best cq ally ever (even tho we never won), consulting me in clothes and letting me explain my eyebrows all the time,

29) Jead: you are actually so bad of a cook i am amazed and shocked, also a big idiot but i hope you and your cute cat is doing good

30) Jason: bigger idiot than man mentioned above but i still feel kind of the need to be nice to u.... i hope school is going well for u, u middle school senior. eye bag gone and when u drank that soy sauce like an idiot

31) Zester: i am not dating espurr loool, she is my uncle silly. i hope u got marshadow, also you are a saltine cracker and have a cute voice

32) Hydre: could i have asked for a better person to turn me into the best XCOM hero ever? nope. thanks for being a good buddy Smile and for nicknaming me umbrella woman, i hope ur life is going good

33) MightyenaBoy: im not kidding, this sounds really sad but a week ago i had a dream and it was literally me getting strapped to a rollercoaster because the rollercoaster ran out of seats but i still had to ride it. i wonder where i that dream came from?

34) Ba'al Diamente: ballroom dancing! we used to talk a lot before, not so much now unfortunately, you made me make my first steam account but i forgot the password unfortunately

35) Mateeus_1: ew!!!! but congrats, i think of u when i hear staravia, thanks for building a neat treehouse with me and getting u acacia wood was worth it, youre really fun and i am afraid of ur normal monotype team (gen 7 sucks)

36) Illario: there is no one i fear more than you. yogarp master, the root of it all. i remember the lopunny oc u had which u said had a specifically chiseled ass, beautiful.

37) Mason Hawk: when u were super tired that one day im sorry i made fun of your voice x), youre fun and sweet though. go order more pizzas. ray in wwgg will always be my favorite

38) OugaOuga: i almost forgot you! youre super fun and sweet, and its cool to have someone to talk about makeup with. we've only known each other briefly, but i think we can become good friends.


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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by Allyson(Ninetales) on Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:16 pm

I guess it's high time I get a little more specific to who I really want to thank.
Hi guys:

Legendary Boy/18th - Even when you're not around anymore you are still my man and you're always up when it comes to me, anything and anytime. Me ranting to you and you ranting to me were our best times, you gave me moral support to actually do achieve more. Your efforts for me have always been superb as much as our PMRPs. Dragonborn will be your legacy, our legacy.

Mightyena Boy/Spotted Hyena - Our timezones and schedules have never matched, you're always so welcoming giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling when we talk. You're so open to anything and you're fun to talk and RP with. You've guided me so much and taught me a whole lot, on roleplaying, docmaking, taking selfies, and so much. You'll always be my #1 mightyena as you have always been.

Ezmeralda - The best friend I could ask for, seriously do you want me to drive by your place some time? :^) Nah jk im still 17 ahaha. Anyways you always had so much gossip about your school and all your slave- I mean boys, I guess its likewise for me too ahaha. Your stories always make me hopeful that maybe I can open up to my friends to who I really am. Hope we both get accepted to our selected universities, and strive a whole lot more for college.

Darkness(Umbreon) - I really miss you bro, seriously I have never opened so much about myself to someone except you and I've been happy to open up and discover myself. You were a great listener, whenever I got a problem you're always there for me, you listened even if my English is bad and put up with me. Because of you I know in my heart who I am, with confidence and sincerity. I think I have opened up all my problems to you, especially when I was just starting here at PS! Hope you can read this Smile

BoltZekrom - The kindest person I've met, even though I kept bugging you on random things, small details or docs, you never seem to be annoyed that I'm probably interrupting you as you work on Xelan or you're still having dinner. I have always run to you ever since and have thanked and appreciated your help, hope I can return the favor once in a while Wink

DrCirno - Even though we just chat randomly and stuff I've learned so much about Ice from you, you've taught me and inspired me many times when you battle even when you say you're rusted and stuff. In my opinion, you're the best Ice user in the room.

Lux(Lucario) - First of all, I'm so sorry if I suddenly appear just to give you more workload for the bot ;; You're probably mad that I changed accs too often, but you didn't mute me or ban me for that so thank you very much. Other than actually letting me go free with the constant name changes, I still remember when you're doing so much, up to the point where you teach me the Steel meta, when I was actually just applying to knight for you in Conquest.

Articuno - This isn't an formality thing! I really thank you so much that you always welcome my questions both here and on PS! You never turned me away when I have pestered you for legend perms, always asking how I could improve myself and answering me with kindness and sincerity. Even if it's part of your job I'm still thankful.

Others I may have forgotten - I'm so sorry if I forgot about you, but I'm mostly thankful to everyone because they put up with my shenanigans and drama for more than 2 years.

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by 13InHeaven on Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:23 am

Just a few notices for my thanks:

Lux - Thanks for making me notice CQ wasn't FR when I was still new xD

LargeJellopy - First person I ever FR'd with. It was nice seeing Waroo develop and eventually evolve. You are great. Stay like that. And Hiwahiwa in Prom. I miss prom but at the same time not xD

Evergreen Lemose - Another person in one of my first FR's. Great person to roleplay with. We greeted each other every time we saw each other. Also, did I see you recently? O.o

Most other mods - For keeping the room clean from trolls and assisting new members. Stay awesome, all of you.

TheClawInside - Good claw, great helper in Lands of Krestona. I laughed when I got confused when you had added yourself to the document lately.

I might have forgotten some people, yeah those people were great too.

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

Post by SleekzZero on Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:43 pm

Rawr a list of people ; ;
I might have forgotten other people:

aaaaaa don’t kill me please
Even thiugh you’re not yet on the forums, you’ve been one of the closest friends I’ve had in PS (ever since Surrogates), and you’re just so lovable. ; ;

Lux (Lucario)
To be fair, you’re one of those people I didn’t expect to be so goofy around others. You seem so serious, yet, when you’re casually chatting, you’re so fun to be around with (excluding shitpost master)

For being there lmao
jokes aside, i’ve always appreciated someone being around there that understands and helps me with things I probably find confusing.

For being so cuteeeeee~
Seriously, you’re so cuddly <3

Rocket Admin Lens
For being the kewl guy who goes:
owo whats this

For being a lovable person who brings umbrellas around. ;w;

goofy, annoying, yet funny and kewl

For trolling around late at night and making goofy drawings

For being my spar dummy which i usually lose to :c

For being my petmalu lodi~

For being a fun person to talk to, helping me with stuff concerning documents and casual chatting Very Happy

For being zester~
i honestly don’t know what to say, you’re too cute

Ba’al Diamante
For being my dearie

For being a good person who’s there to enforce order~

For being troll maniac with lekanne

Lady Patchouli
For being a car fanatic yelling

All the other people I forgot
For putting up to my goofy mistakes and always being in the room to continue RPing. ; ;

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Re: Roleplayer Appreciation Thread

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