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Rebound - Scizor

Post by Basylia on Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:41 am

Heh. I said to myself that I already had enough forums to keep track of. Why not add one more? Here's my starter OC for the forums, and one of my favorite OCs in general, the huntress Rebound.

Backstory: "You are worthy prey enough for me to devour your bones." -Rebound, to Anna the Mienshao

Hatched from an egg left abandoned in the wilderness, Rebound has learned to fend for herself since her birth. Most people think this would make people cold, emotionless, and solitary. On the contrary, Rebound has a lively personality, but her instincts of survival come first. And that means devouring everything she comes across unless it proves useful to her.

As a Scyther, Rebound was a natural hunter, perfectly suited for the revels of the chase. Agile and lethal, her scythe-limbs were just what she required for her grisly work. The Scyther would chase down her prey relentlessly until it tired out before taking it down, and every time she grew more and more accustomed to the thrill, the adrenaline, and the blood. She often used her advantage of flight, soaring over her food in order to avoid the so-often attacks she received.

Hunting was also where she practiced the skill she named herself after, countering enemy moves. Every time some fool tried to stand their ground and fight back, she would catch their strikes and send them back at their sender. Counter was (and still is) her signature move, and it surprisingly comes in handy more than one would think while on the hunt.

But Rebound quickly grew bored of just running after morsels and eating them. Despite her savagery and her ruthlessness, she still longed for something to truly enjoy, something that would quench not only her hunger but her waning sanity. And so she found solace in tracking down the hardest prey she could find and making vows to consume every last one of them.

Her first such prey were two Pokemon in particular: Anna the Mienshao and Axel the Lucario. While running along the treetops, she came across the former of the two weeping alone. Hungry, she decided to make the lamenting Pokemon a snack, not thinking much of her at the time. But things quickly went for the worse. Not only was she an adept enough fighter to hold Rebound off, she had help. A Lucario by the name of Axel whose knowledge of Fire moves sent the Bug scattering. Growling as she recovered from her injuries, she made a promise to herself: She would not rest until she had defeated the two.

Time passed as she made many, many failed attempts to massacre the two, always coming close but never quite finishing the deed. Rebound always was defeated at the last possible moment, or another Pokemon decided to intervene to save them, and her hatred and ambition only grew each time. She honed her skills between each chase of the two. Soon, she told herself, they would perish by her hand.

But 'twas not so. The next time she battled them alongside a cliff, she was clipped of her wings and fell into the abyss. She barely managed to crawl out of the near-grave, but her sheer determination to prove her skills to herself led her to survive. And so, in her weakened state, she was captured by a Pokemon Trainer.

A long while passed as she was raised by the trainer, of which she resented greatly. But she endured the sufferings of being captive until she was traded away, evolving into a Scizor as a result. She broke free of her new trainer near immediately with her newfound strength, and left him in a hospital as she trudged back into the forest, seeking out the two whom she vowed to destroy.

Rebound lost track of Axel after a short time back in the wilderness, and so she focused her sights on Anna. Her presence was feared by the Mienshao and her company, and no matter how many times she was driven off, she always came back. She was mutilated multiple times during these attacks, both she and her armor being molten by one of Anna's friends, Steve the Typhlosion, but she had her own allies who repaired her, namely Zero the Porygon-Z. She always came back, no matter how grave her slag-covered injuries were.

When Axel came back into her view, she remembered her vow about him as well. Trying to bring him into a rage when they re-met, she succeeded, but it was to the ill of her. She was left broken and shattered in a crater left behind from an overcharged Aura Sphere, leaving both combatants teetering near death. She recovered with help, and on the day she was brought back from that experience she made a new vow.

Rebound began tracking Anna again, and the next time they met, she pledged her allegiance to her, stating that "I cannot hunt you. I cannot kill you. So I will serve as your guardian." Anna refused the offer of protection, but agreed to be her friend and forgave her of her ruthless persistence in trying to destroy her before. Rebound brought the same pledge to Axel, and now follows Axel as he travels to wherever he pleases, Rebound silent and vigilant for any threats to her new - and few - friends. Yet her urge to hunt still gnaws at her, and she occasionally slips off in the night to do so.


-Suited for hunting
-Extreme tenacity
-Will never surrender
-Very hard to take down
-Will always follow her words


-Refusal to surrender often leaves her making poor choices and ending in her getting harmed
-Instinctive nature leaves her often making actions that seem unkind or even ruthless and malicious
-Quick to temper and violence
-Can easily be lured into near any trap, ambush, or other clever idea


About 1.7 meters tall, leaving her a tiny bit shorter than most of her species. Weight is 58 kg due to her Light Metal plates and armoring, although she is still comparatively heavy to most other Pokemon. Unknown age.

Moveset: Superpower, Aerial Ace, Bullet Punch, Counter


Driven by instinct and fury, Rebound is not one to sit and think things out. She will not hesitate to defend herself or those she has vowed to protect, and will not hesitate to end the life of anyone she deems necessary to. Despite this, she is not one to just go around and slaughter innocents, she only resorts to it when she has a good reason, with hunting being the greatest of all. She never wastes what she kills, and will not kill without being hungry first, but as soon as her appetite comes she will go off to do what she does best.

Her lack of reasoning and skewed morality has led to disagreements with others on multiple occasions, but she does what she believes to be the best, and has her own set of rules she follows.


She is the same as any Scizor, with the exception of a small locket around her neck carved from bone. She made it herself, and it is both crude and elegant at the same time, beautiful yet savage artistry that often slips into the back of one's mind.

End/Author's Notes:

I pretty much chose Rebound because she is my "current" OC: I've been using her a lot recently, she has a long backstory with other characters, and she is fun to RP as. She's not my first, and definitely not my best, but she's unique to me in her own way and I love that.

She's stayed mostly the same throughout my time as playing as her, and although she has grown personality-wise, she still has the driving motivation of hunger and instinct. She may seem more kind, but that's probably because her new friends won't let her just kill everything on sight.

So... yeah. If you want to review/comment, that would be lovely and appreciated. Thank you for reading all of this, and have a wonderful day!

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Re: Rebound - Scizor

Post by ZinogreVolt on Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:33 am

An incredibly well put together OC, a great and well-reasoned backstory, but I'm not gonna go "10/10" and such. I'm left in the dark about a few things, however.

Why was Rebound left in the wild by herself? I've seen this trope many times in OC backstories, and not once has it ever been explained as to why.

Why did she resent her trainer? Was it one of those natural reasonings that Pokémon happen to have? Was the trainer just a bad guy?

Why did she insist on tracking down Anna and Axel specifically? Even after a while,  was she really persistent or were there just no one else that gave her a challenge?

Edit:Gave it a second read, I have a few more complaints.

How did she learn to do things like speak? Where'd she get her name from? Was she dubbed that by her trainer?
Was she socially inept? Being a huntress by birth? Where did she learn life necessities?

My one real complaint with is, the more questions I have, I realize there are hardly any answers, as if I'm supposed to "Go with it".

Other than those questions I don't have any real complaints with the character, she's very well put together and one of the better characters on this forum.

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Re: Rebound - Scizor

Post by Galom on Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:23 pm

Hey, Basylia. I really like your character and I've RPed with her a ton, and I really can't give anything except compliments. Rebound is a well-balanced, interesting, and unique character, and her persona fits the canvas of a Scizor really well (something I always look for).

To avoid a blatant +1 post of ZinogreVolt, I'll pose a few questions, most hidden inside some speculative headcanon.

Firstly, how did Rebound come to evolve to Scizor? As those historically- and scientifically-inclined know, Scyther are a perfectly capable adult form of their species and were long thought to be complete as creatures, and therefore did not need to evolve to match their habitats. However, this notion was debunked by a professor (whose name I forgot) in the Jhoto region some ten years back when an experiment went wrong. It was discovered that when Scyther were exposed to specific metals and an electric pulse at the same time, their bodies would fuse with the metal and incorporate it into their anatomy to form Scizor.

Now, it's obvious that this kind of a situation only realistically appears in the lab setting, explaining how Scizor in the wild are nearly unheard of, and why it took scientists so long to discover the species (much like other Pokemon that evolve when exposed to Evolutionary Stones or electric pulses). Therefore, it seems incredibly unlikely that Rebound's evolution was natural, though it would technically possible (she somehow found a Metal Coat, and an Electric-type zapped her or something). Care to clear that up for a curious student? :]

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Re: Rebound - Scizor

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