Meh lazy OC: Pyrrhon

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Meh lazy OC: Pyrrhon

Post by PyrrhonWheatley on Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:19 pm

Welp, I'mma lazy, but here's my not-first-but-fist-I'm-gonna-say OC. Deal with it.

Pyrrhon (or Tom elsewhere)

Pyrrhon is a male Steelix gijinka, aged about 35 human years. He looks similar to a human, only a shiny purple gem-like colour. His hair is ruffled grey, along with carrying a small metal rod with him for good luck.

Backstory: At a young age, Pyrrhon found a small cave with strange purple crystals. Intrigued, he touched one, turning him into his purple colour. As soon as he did, the cave began to collaspe and he barely escaped. Then, he remained in hiding before opening a store in a mall selling glass-wares. Now, he owns the store with his brother Larry. He too is a Steelix gijinka.


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