Seres - Espeon

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Seres - Espeon

Post by ZinogreVolt on 18/12/14, 06:03 am

Here's another OC, enjoy! Feedback and criticism is appreciated.

(Credit goes to original artist)

Species: Espeon
Name: Seres
Gender: Isn't it obvious?
Age: 19
Height: 4'3" (Gijinka) 3'1" (Normal)
Weight: 121 lbs. (Gijinka) 63.1 lbs. (Normal

Backstory: Growing up, Seres had a fairly normal life, she was a good person with good parents, although she could never truly find what she was good at, she sucked at practically everything. Cooking? Nope. Batting? Are you kidding me? So when the day came where she evolved into an Espeon, she left home to track down what was truly her purpose in life. On a day of soul-searching, she fell in a small hollow spot in the ground, which soon became the place she lives to this day. Things begin to pick up and become more when Seres meets Roarmulus, who soon becomes her very best friend with a rather peculiar stone, they're currently investigating this strange stone.

Personality: Seres herself is a very upbeat person, often trying her best to cheer people up and give them a boost in confidence, although she has little confidence in herself, so she prefers not to speak up and just let others handle it. She generally also has a policy to avoid battle at all costs.

Character Twitches:

"Dusts off her skirt" - Prepares to battle

"Ears tuck back" - Scared, sad

"Puts her hands in her pocket, staring" -Thinking of an idea or strategy

"A small glint in her eye" - Tries to read someone

"Tail slowly moves" - Somewhat excited

Battling Stuff:
Timid Nature

-Nasty Plot
-Calm Mind

Authors' Notes:

This is my first OC where it's primarily Gijinka. I choose Espeon because it's probably my favorite out of the Eeveelutions

Welp, that's my OC! Thanks for reading!

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Re: Seres - Espeon

Post by That one lurker on 18/12/14, 07:19 am

Her Gijinka form seems a bit heavy, but other than that it's pretty good.

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Re: Seres - Espeon

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