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Post by GamerA249 on Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:19 pm

Nick Name:Gamer's Buddy
Species:Salamence (Usually a mega)
Backstory:He started as a small tiny bagon, watching his parents fight he evolved to shelgon. Soon the world was in the middle of war. All pokemon were recruited to help stop the war, though he was terribly defeated. He was left at the old forest for a few years until a trainer (me) found it. He was weak and injured, barley surviving as if he has been hit by sheer cold...Fortunatley the trainer had a nice pack of pokemon food. The shelgon started to bond with the trainer, soon to become his best friend. Once the shelgon was caught, he became best friends with the trainer, while they were walking the trainer fell right off Mt Pyre (dont ask how) the shelgon knew he was in trouble so, he evolved and became a Salamence! The new Salamence rescued the trainer and thats how they became ultimate partners. After some research the trainer figured out that Salamence can become a mega, there new quest was to find the salamenceite. Later in life they found it, then the two friends and other flying types became the flying type gym leader.

Personality:Salamence is a strong brave pokemon, it would look after anyone it loves, he is easy to talk to and friendly no matter how powerful he is. He would do anything for the ones he love. The trainer (me) is kinda shy but is funny when you get to know him. He cares about people and pokemon, and is very likeable... he wont let anything stop him from what he wants.

Battle Phrases

The Sky is Never the limit! When he beat 3 of his opponents pokemon

Eek im in a gust... When 3 of his pokemon are defeated

Ok you got this! When he relies on his pokemon

Showem baby! When he is at tons of confidence

Hehe... When he feels awkard

Battle Stats

Salamence (Salamenceite)

Dragon Dance

252 atk
4 def
252 speed

Please rate Smile

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Re: My OC

Post by Dragonite99 on Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:50 pm

very nice, i give it a 8/10 ^_^

maybe a bit more details about Buddy other than his backstory will develop him even more Smile

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