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MM aka the Host RP

Post by needler on Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:27 pm

Some of you may not believe how many hate pms I get when I make an end poll in MM, saying: Why would you end it?

I want to explain what you do in MM:

1. Host drives the story players can't affect it, only killers, your chances to be killer is pretty low.
2. Co-host makes polls but his/her messages don't affect the rp too much, so the co becomes a poll slave basically.
3. You choose who to die in the polls. Most reactions: So cool, we control the rp. Not really, because the host will randomly pick some people to die anyways. Your poll kills one person the host kills well... the other people excluding the few killed by killers.
4. Hosts usually kill you if you don't do exactly what they want or if you almost beat them in the host poll.
5. The place of the MM, the host, the cohosts or anything else don't really matter. It always ends up the same.

Why do we people like it then?

This is called the crowd effect. What does this mean:

For example: your best friend says that the best pokemon is magikarp, you say it isn't. Another friends says it is magikarp, you answer: it's good. Five friends say it's magikarp: you agree.
The people around us affect our "feelings" our decisions. But how did this happen in RP chat?
If a mod, voice etc. said MM is good some people started agreeing to them, even if they didn't like it. Then other people started saying that they like it. This continued untill today and it will never stop. This is how human mind works "go with the flow".
You can say that you really like it, some of you may actually do, but most of you are following others.

Let me make a poll! When did you start liking MM?
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