What to Do When Roleplaying Bot Is Restarted

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What to Do When Roleplaying Bot Is Restarted

Post by Morfent on Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:04 am

Since confusion about what to do when this happens seems to be a recurring theme in the rooms, I'll help clear things up:

If I'm online

Do nothing. I back up RP data and set it back after the restart in PM. Trying to help by spamming commands to set everything back while I'm online is a waste of time, both mine and yours.
If I'm not online (i.e. most server restarts)
Before restart:

  • Save the current RP, its progress, the current host
  • End the RP
  • Save the void list

After restart:

  • Set the current RP and host. Append the progress of the current RP (if any) to the doc link (if any). This will prevent it from being shown in .void. If there is no doc, wait until after the RP ends before fixing the void list. Remember that the first RP on the saved list is no longer void, and its last one is now the first one you'll set. The last will be the current RP
  • Fix the void list at the appropriate time by starting and ending the void RPs in order

"Why don't you just add x commands to set the void list/RP progress/RP data?"
Abuse. Staff members aren't totally infallible, plus dealing with times in JS is a royal pain in the ass, as seen over the course of the month it took to get the progress timer to work properly.

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