Yukiko : The Daughter of Ice

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Yukiko : The Daughter of Ice

Post by AnomyNouse on Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:27 am

 Yukiko was a young geisha girl, born in 864 AD, when the geisha had only been around for about 50 years. She had just finished her training about a week ago, and her mother, as an award rewarded her with a young Snorunt. Angrily Yukiko yelled at her mother, asking why she would give her this sort of garbage pokemon, her mother simply replied.
 "The geisha see beauty in all, as well as it makes sense, your name means, or i should say, you are the daughter of ice."  
 "But this thing?"
 "Yukiko it is dishonorable to refuse a gift."

 That night, as a neglected Snorunt shivered in the corner of Yukiko's 14th floor room, Yukiko woke up to here a noise in the geisha house. Running down she saw her mother getting assaulted by a rude and drunk man, the man's scyther had just murdered the guard that was meant to watch that nothing got out of hand. The man seeing a much younger women, stabbed Yukiko's mother with a knife, and charged toward Yukiko.
 Yukiko screamed at the top of her lungs, her Snorunt shuffled around the corner, and used shadow ball on the man, he flew toward the Scyther, commanding it to attack Snorunt, Snorunt let out a breath of frost freezing the Scyther in place, Snorunt then clawed the Scyther to death. The man threw his knife at Snorunt, slashing its neck open, blood dripping, another guards Galade dashed in and killed the man.

 Yukiko was escorted back to her room, Snorunt's ice cold blood gripping off her leg every step she took.

 Two days later Yukiko got out of bed, first time since she was forced to wash the blood off of her. Yukiko opened her window.
 "The wind... its cold." Yukiko muttered.
 Yukiko crawled out of the window slightly, enough that she could sit on the ledge, her legs dangling out in to the cold winter air.

 She jumped.

 As she flew to her demise she only remembered one thing.
 You Are the Daughter of Ice.

 Yukiko looked around. She was laying in an uncovered grave on the far side of mount pyre. The warm sunrise heating her black rotting flesh. Her yellow hood protecting her from the snow behind.
 "Isn't it beautiful?"
 She looking in the direction of the noise to see her mother, light grey skin, clearly cold.
 "I told you how we geisha see beauty in all, even the rotting corpse of the Snorunt you seem to be inside."
 "Mom I'm scared! Why am I stuck inside this disgusting creature?"
 "You still don't get it..."
 "But why?"
 "I didn't cause this to happen... You did."
 Yukiko's mother's corpse began to fade away.
 "No Mom! Don't leave!"
 "I am not your true mother..."

 "You are the daughter of frost..."

 With that, the light of dawn fell out of view due to a drift of snow falling on the Snorunt.
 As time progressed Yukiko was consumed by ice and snow.


 1973 AD

 A young geisha was visiting her Snorunt's grave at mount pyre. Sobbing over the recent death she heard a light voice.

 "It's beautiful isn't it?"

 The young geisha quickly jerked her head toward the voice, what she saw was a beautiful ghostly figure.

 "The sun rising, casting shadows over the graves."
 In disbelief the girl managed to say, "Yu- Y- Yukiko?"

 "Yes, it means daughter of ice, how do you know my name?"
 "Y-You're the legendary ghost girl said to have killed herself... Forcing the wind to be cold... Most people just call you The Lass of the Frost"
 "I try to forget,  but looking back... the story is rather beautiful isn't it?"

 "...Why do you insist everything is so beautiful?"


 "...We geisha see beauty in everything..."


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Re: Yukiko : The Daughter of Ice

Post by cloudandis on Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:05 pm

What an interesting story... In the end, I don't really mind her death too much. I know it sounds rather cold and apathetic, but... she did learn to see beauty in more than the obvious.

That poor Snorunt though... it deserved so much better.

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