Bolt wants to tell you all about his new OC(s).

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Bolt wants to tell you all about his new OC(s).

Post by Aker-Sama on Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:40 am

Name: Ahmedia
Species: Kirlia
Gender: Female
Moves: Confusion, Synchronize, Headbutt, Attract
Age: 16

Name: Dot
Species: Solosis
Gender: Male
Moves: Energy Ball, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast
Age: 4

Ahmedia and Dot, partners in life, are never without the other. The pair have a simple system, Ahmedia communicates while Dot fights.

She, Ahmedia, was born into a family of renowned psychic masters. He, Dot, was born without parents and was thus placed into an adoptive service. Ahmedia was born with a crippling weakness to her psychic prowess, leaving her incapable of living up to her family's standards. Wishing to preserve their reputation, the father raised Ahmedia as a Hikikomori, forbidden to leave the house, but raised with love nonetheless. Fortunately, there's no real tragedy behind this tale, for eventually, the headmaster found a solution: Dot. The Solosis was abnormally strong for its age, leaving a strong impression on him. Dot was adopted, and he and Ahmedia bonded rather quickly. Now, they are scarcely seen apart.

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