OC no.2 Jajanken the flygon

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OC no.2 Jajanken the flygon

Post by QBone on Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:51 am

Name: Jajanken
Species: Flygon
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Behaviour: Casual, doesnt much effort into anything. Quite lazy and often tired
Apparel: Wrist band (choice band)
Known moves: Earthquake, dragon claw, u-turn/thunderpunch/firepunch (Depending on RP), stone-edge

Backstory/summary of character-
Ever since Jajanken evolved into a vibrava he outclassed everyone who lived around him. Finding new speed in the new form he felt like he could do anything. So soon after the evolution, he left to find new challenges. The competition nearby wasn't very strong, and Jajanken won easily. After countless quick battles, Jajanken got bored and decided to travel further to look for more challenges. He had been travelling and battling for around 4 months after he set of again when he encountered a tough looking garchomp. Being used to easy battles, Jajanken didn't keep pace at first against the garchomp and was quickly defeated. But he wasn't disheartened. After a week of hard training, the most he had ever done, he rematched the garchomp. Jajanken evolved into a flygon during this battle and gained enough strength to defeat his opponent. Once again Jajanken felt unbeatable, especially after taking the choice band the garchomp was protecting. Once the garchomp was defeated, Jajanken had no more tough opponents, so became quite lazy. He grew into a more laid back pokemon, and didn't try that hard in anything he did.

Endnote: I forgot to include this in the backstory, but when Jajanken is about the release an attack of his full power he says 'saisho wa guu..."
Yes, this OC has Hunter x Hunter inspiration. Because the second part of flygon is gon, he is green and earthquake=paper, dragon claw=scissors, fire/thunder punch=rock. This will make no sense to people that haven't watched/read Hunter x Hunter


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