King Slime (King of the slimes)

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King Slime (King of the slimes)

Post by Kidincred on Mon Jan 12, 2015 4:37 pm

You may be aware of his existence already, whether in an rp (likely a DnD) as an ally or if you've ever played my earlier DnD and gotten to him (he's a boss-type at about 2 hours)

Well, I'm making him helluva lot more detailed, so I figured I'd share him with you all Very Happy

Also, before you ask, I am going to update this thing whenever I feel like it with spoilers filled with links, either to YouTube stuff I do with him or whatever else. I'm also going to use spoilers for categories, so this thing isn't ridiculously long.

King Slime, king of the slimes, was the first slime to exist (in his respective world). After him, some more slimes started popping up and when they saw King Slime, being the biggest slime at the time and the only slime with facial features other than eyes, they appointed him to be their leader. At the time he took the name of "Leader Slime."

Many decades would pass without anything important happening, centuries even, but eventually the slimes noticed other races.

They also noticed that most other races had crowned a king, and used a crown as a symbol of leadership. It wasn't long until many slimes tried to do the same for their leader. They'd use twigs, leaves, rocks (which didn't end so well), sticks and even seashells to try to get a suitable crown made for their king. Their attempts were in vain for many decades, as it just wouldn't work.

Eventually, though, they managed to accidentally find and melt some ore while next to a geyser. The melted ore spread out on the ground and one of the youngest slimelings thought of the ingenious plan to shape it like a crown.

Too bad it was already hardening on the ground...

So the slime, along with a couple friends, would visit the geyser every day, having collected a massive amount of ores over a few years, and when it erupted again the slimelings took their chance and melted the ores, having it fall into a crown-shaped hole in the ground that one dug up. The others found a large gem and placed it in where they thought appropriate.

When the melted ore finally hardened, the slimelings worked together to pry the crown out of the ground. Though it caused the crown to be misshapen, it looked marvelous anyways. They proceeded to present it to their leader to crown him King of the Slimes.

With his crown on his head and many slimes under his command, he changed his name to King Slime, and from thereon made the welfare and safety of his kingdom his top priority.

Many decades have passed since his crowning, and his once-village has become a full out kingdom. Though adventurers may raid his kingdom, and even if an opposing race's kingdom would declare war upon his people, he will forever be there for his own.
He's quite the interesting slime. For starters, he's not unintelligent. Can't say "quite the contrary" as he is only barely able to speak common (english), can semi-efficiently read common, and is unable to understand all manners of kingly duties. His Jester, Wacko, takes care of the kingdom, really.

He's quite a caring, humble and jolly guy. He puts others above all else, especially other slimes or allies, he gives credit to others even if they did nothing or close to it, and he loves a "jelly good bout."

To contrast this, he is QUITE short-tempered when it comes to unexpected guests, unless they are allies, slimes or are otherwise close to the kingdom, and he has a major tendency to act before he thinks. This often leads him to fighting very aggressively when simple talking could suffice.

He's far from a perfect character, and despite not being very dynamic in personality (he's a slime, most have NO personality) he's still a character I'm proud of.
Boss Interview (YouTube Video):

By the way, I'm having to do a drama project for school where I make a voice and character and give a dialogue, so I'm gonna make a YouTube video of King Slime answering a bunch of questions! So, if you'd like to ask him one, please feel free to give one! (no repeating questions, no rhetorical questions and no more than one questions each. X3)

So, yeah. That's the bulk of it. Tell me your opinions or whatnot below, I'd LOVE to see some feedback! Very Happy

EDIT!: I got the drama project up on YouTube Very Happy feel free to check it!

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