Aker The Lampent

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Aker The Lampent

Post by Aker-Sama on Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:03 pm

Name: Aker (Pronunciation: Uh-Kier)
Species: Lampent (Was a Monferno in life)
Age: +1000 Years, Immortal
Gender: Male
Occupation: Gatekeeper of the Doors of Death, Physical God
Known Moves: Varies
Notable Traits: Finds irony hilarious, Homicidal; may try to suddenly suck your soul out.

Allies: Penelope Skie, Dot Domitrix, NyanScythe
Enemies: Pretty much everybody, but in particular: ZappThePidgeot, Hikaru-San
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Has no sense of morality whatsoever, will literally do whatever the hell he wants without considering the consequences.)

Death is inevitable, everyone knows this, that is why most are so terrified of it. Most, but not Aker. In life, he embraced his death, he wanted it to be glorious. After all you die only once, why not make it memorable? His wish was granted when the Burned Tower was lit aflame all those years ago. Even he, a Fire-Type, died in the flames. But he was not quite dead. Day upon day, he would offer his prayers to Thanatos, God of Death, desiring his touch to be one never to be forgotten. When he and his comrades were dragged to the Underworld, the Doors of Death stood before them. Aker could see how little the current Gatekeeper cared for his otherwise glorious job. Aker rose to the Gatekeeper, and told to his face why he should treat his occupation with respect. His words were so moving, Hades, Lord of the Underworld, heard them. It was clear to him what he believed would be correct to do. As the old Gatekeeper was tossed into Tartarus, Aker himself was re-incarnated as the deadliest Lampent the Pokemon World had ever seen. His "friends" were thrilled with his promotion, thinking this would give them a pass to Elysium. Aker however, was not kind to them. When they were all alive, they mocked his devotion to death, and called him a freak. And now was his chance for revenge. With 1 arm gesture, they were all condemned to Tartarus, leaving Aker free to enjoy his new position for all eternity.
A millenia had passed, and Aker was growing bored with his endless duties of damning the sinners and blessing the gifted. He decided to take the advice of some less pleasant carnations of Hades from media, and find other ways to take joy in death. Every year, he would host the Soul Harvest, a cleansing of a randomly chosen region of its inhabitants' souls. On more common occasions, he'd open the door to the Underworld for mortals to come and challenge him for a chance to become Gods like him. You probably know of this challenge as Ascension. Either way, Aker's afterlife had more purpose than it once did, not only does he pass judgement on all mortals that pass through his gates, but now he comes for them first.

"Highly amusing that you're begging for your life here. You came here to battle, no? Listen, fool. Every battle is trailed by the Carriage of Death. And I, its driver."


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