RMOC: Remee the Politoed

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RMOC: Remee the Politoed

Post by Vera (Pichu) on Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:04 am

If you want information on Remee the Politoed, click here.

But, if you are too lazy to do this, allow me to give you a few things about Remee.

Personal Information

Full Name: Remee Jaze Anderson (Pronunciation: Reh-mee Jayz Ann-dur-son)
Nickname: None
Species: Politoed (Duh.)
Gender: Male
Age: Fourteen (14)
Item: Assault Vest
Birthday: November 9th (He was 13 at this OC's creation.)
Ability: Drizzle (Hidden Ability)
Moveset: Scald, Ice Beam, Psychic, Mud Bomb
EV Stats: 252 HP, - Attack, 252+ Special Attack, 4 Special Defense


He's a slick guy. He likes sneaking into other people's business on purpose (whether to purposefully get them angry or not). In some cases, however, he makes friends with the person he's spying on afterwards. He's a very nice guy, though a prankster at times.


Theme 1 - Remee's Normal/Greeting Theme
Theme 2 - Remee's Battle/Spar Theme

Backstory (You'd be better off reading this in the doc, but I'll just post it here anyway.)

Remee had once been to a separate family from when he was born to the age of nine. His separate father had Remee hold a crown when he set off to war with the Ivysaurs. He never returned after that day.

Remee’s mother was heartbroken, and could not have taken care of Remee herself, so she sent him to another family (afterwards Remee evolved), whose father had taught Remee how to hunt.

Sadly, two years later, Remee’s father had died from a pack of rabid Mightyenas. Remee’s father told Remee, as his last words, to make him proud in the afterlife. And so he does so now, in the forest of Roleplay Land…

Plot until Today (If you read until the end of this, I'm giving you a cookie.)

After he had once stumbled upon the forest of Tanora, he then met a Munna named Mina. He wanted to take a few moments to retire his hobby to settle in to the new forest. Although they didn’t talk long, he had known this forest was intelligent.

He also met a giant Pikachu, a shiny Rhyperior, and a Magmortar, who was with the Rhyperior. The giant Pikachu was only just hanging, and the Rhyperior, of whom is named “TD”, had a problem with a strange birthmark that, when it glows, controls him. The Magmortar, Hans, was trying to assist to fix the problem.

After this event, he walked off. Not much later did he see… himself? But it was only Sparky, a Zorua friend. He complimented Sparky on the neat trick, the two quickly becoming friends by pranking others; just like he used to.

After a bit of walking, he noticed an Alakazam that, on sight, told Remee to fight him. So they did, and Bob (the Alakazam) won. After a bit of talking, he went off again.

He then met a Skuntank by the name of Cheek. Cheek told him that a couple Rhyperior were destroying his cave. Being the half-heroic man he is, he came up to the cave and took down the Rhyperior easily, they being weak to Water. Thanks to this, he gained five Sitrus berries.

After this, he was greeted by a net to the face. Scalding the net, he was easily able to escape, with the help of Roy, a human. After some idle awkward chatter and silence, Bob practically fell onto him, and after blah-blah-blah talking, they went on another adventure.

The adventure barely took long at all before he went out again and saw a Garchomp attacking an Eevee. Again, his half-heroic side showed, and, oddly enough, with much effort, considering he had Ice Beam, took the Garchomp down, but with a couple injuries.

After this occurs, he glares around for any new people to meet. After hearing two trainers talking of an amusement park, he went there with them. When this happened, his hidden ability Drizzle happened, this time without him knowing, and almost set the park on fire. Luckily, no one was hurt during this time, but he barely meets the two trainers.

Then, after running into some new faces (which were an Electrode, Vanillish, and Staraptor), he met an Armaldo and a Floatzel, each of the same name, Chris (which Chris the Floatzel easily gets mixed up when he is talking of the Armaldo one), who, of which he thinks, hated each other. Although he only got to meet them once or twice during the time he's been, he has befriended them both easily, one via the Chris having befriended with his experience of pranking, the other, by just walking around.

Relationships (Not in Order, but using Groups)

Status--Cautious: "Attempted Kidnapper", Blaze (Garchomp)
Status--Barely Met: Dracon, Sissel (Trainer)
Status--Acquaintance: Mina (Munna), The Giant Pikachu, Hans (Magmortar), Bob (Shiny Alakazam), Roy (Insane Human), Nobody's-Home (Electrode), Chris (Armaldo), Dr. Cirno (Vanillish), Soram (Staraptor)
Status--Friend: TD (Shiny Rhyperior), Sparky (Zorua), Cheek Pouch--"Cheek" (Skuntank)
Status--Good Friend: Chris (Floatzel)

Battling Emotes (In /me format)

Scald-- "/me spits boiling-hot water at [Target]."
Ice Beam-- "/me spits ice in a straight line at [Target]."
Psychic-- "/me focuses his Psychic energy, then lunges [Target] straight [Direction]." OR "/me focuses his Psychic energy, then lunges [Target1] straight [Direction] and to [Target2]."
Mud Bomb-- "/me throws a sphere of mud at [Target]."

Hidden Ability Drizzle-- "/me | The sky darkens. It begins to rain."

Ugh, about time I finished. Have fun with RPing, guys! If you ever want to PM RP with this OC, tell me in PMs or on PS! I hope this OC will one week get the weekly Rate my OC feature!
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Re: RMOC: Remee the Politoed

Post by Growlly on Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:04 am

Your OC is great! ^-^ hope you read mine when finished!

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