Wick's List of OCs.

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Wick's List of OCs.

Post by WickTheTrickster on Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:17 pm

OC's. I have a few of them, and probably more in the future. Here, you can see a brief description of each one and a link to there Bios~

Wick (Zoroark):
Wick, the carefree Fool of Many Faces. My first OC, and the one that I have a personal love for. He's a Demon, left to wander the real world eternally as Purgatory. However, this life turned out not to be so bad. He had the fortune to meet Lilac(Leafeon) who would become his wife, and was willing to become a demon... much like himself, so that she would not have to leave him. He currently resides in a massive house in the middle of nowhere, along with his best friend, Styx, and his family, Lilac, and his two kids Willow(Zorua) and Firnen(Eevee). This Zoroark has two unique abilities, his Persona: Kaosu, as well as his Shadow Eye. His right eye was purple, unlike the normal Blue, and in it, is stored some kind of Shadow he has control over. This Shadow is used as an extension of his Illusion capabilities, fooling all of the targets senses, not just sight. However if said Target's grip on reality is strong enough, this Shadow can prove useless. Regardless, Wick is still a strong Trickster, and not to be taken lightly. Doc(OUTDATED): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ao3Hqi8BM2RLYB0vPihTXq-UtIC1NAkrBzcBU3ha0Io/edit?usp=sharing

Travis (M.Scrafty):
Travis, the blood thirsty ex-assassin. He has lived alone in a cave for a long time, ever since he ran away from home to train with his Mentor, and learn the ways of the Assassin. Travis soon lost the taste for killing easy, helpless targets, so he left being an Assassin to become a simple wanderer. All he want's to do is fight someone better then him, not to say he hasn't, but he does like the challange, it's what he lives for. Travis' weapon is Tsubaki, a green Beam Katana that he handles quite well. Tsubaki is Travis' go-to weapon when in a "Mean to Kill" fight, or sparring a powerful opponent. The blade has a few interesting abilities as well as one downside, and mixed with Travis' All-Out attack stratagy, it works well with him... for the most part. Despite Travis' insane blood lust, he's actually not to bad of a person, all things considered. Bio: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N8gVsegJuhOc2vyXPv7GkQaWYAttaHmv1SIf8aDmi_8/edit?usp=sharing

More to be added~

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