Aura guardian Alexa

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Aura guardian Alexa

Post by GuidedbyAura on Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:17 am

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've recently been searching for a site where I could do a Pokemon RP, and this one looked ok so I decided to join and make a character.

Name: Alexa


Age: 15

Personality: Alexa is a determined trainer who gives her all in battle. She has a kind demeanor, and enjoys the company of Pokemon. She also has a strong sense of justice, and dislikes strife between Pokemon and humans.

Background: Alexa was trained to harness the power of aura from a young age, despite longing to become a Pokemon trainer instead. She was taught that learning to wield aura was incredibly valuable, for it allows a person to become connected to Pokemon on a deeper level. She struggled to learn to use her powers, and would often put off training to spend time with wild Pokemon whenever possible. She always seemed to have a strong connection with Pokemon, which is what inspired her to want to become a trainer and battle with them as she had seen others do before. However, she was not allowed to become a trainer until she had proven that she understood them by learning to control her aura.

One day, she came upon an injured Riolu, who attempted to attack her when she came too close. A gang of thugs appeared and tried to catch it, and in an instant Alexa used her aura to defend the Riolu from the blows of the gang's Pokemon, who she knew had been the Riolu's attackers. The Riolu then understood that she wanted to help, and together they were able to defeat the thugs and the two of them became partners. Now that she had finally learned the true value of a relationship with Pokemon, she was allowed to begin her journey as a Pokemon trainer, and she has traveled with her Riolu ever since.


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