Noxy (skuntank)

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Noxy (skuntank)

Post by CyanSoul on Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:02 am










Serious (And often lazy)




3'03" 1.0 m (Height) 83.8 lbs 38.0 kg (weight)


Stench (It sprays a vile-smelling fluid from the tip of its tail to attack. Its range is over 160 feet. The fluid smells worse the longer it is allowed to fester.)

Poison Jab

Fighting style:
Careful/Slow paced/ Defensive

How her fighting works:
She tends to most of the time use her stench in order to scare the pokemon off, if that does not works on said pokemon she will most likely enter in battle, when this happens she will try to use toxic in order to badly poison the target and poison jab to stab it with her claws, if she notices her hp lowering she will rest up and use snore to remain in combat.

Stench: it will often have devastating effects on the pokemon that she fires at, depending on how sensitive their sence of smell is, It can Disgust the target enough to walk away or making it be unable to focus, and in some situations it has even been able to down right knock out the target or caused temporal blindless, this is her mayor strength
Loyal: She will not betray anybody that she considers a friend.
Not a fighter: She will try to evade a fight if possible
Stench: This works both in favor to her and against her, due to the fact that not many pokemon are able to stand it even when she has not sprayed it still foul enough to be off-putting and make others want to stay at least four steps away.
Lazy: Some times she would fall asleep in battle for no reason
(Type related weaknesses)
Ground types / Steel types
(Type related strenghts)

Fur color(s):
Red (shiny) And white

Eye color:
Dark Purple

Accessories: Torn down purple scarf around her neck

Scars/tattoos: N/a

Like a Star @ heaven Unique appearance traits: The white markings on her stomach form a heart-like shape

Personality: She tends to often be rude to others yet she always remains calm, she never really enjoyed fighting often using her ability in order to cheat her way out of any fight she got on, She is hard to upset and tends to be extremely lazy some times. She is often lonely due to both the way she talks to other pokemon she hasn't meet and by the fact that her ability is stench. Even if she can be rude when you first meet her, if you somewhat manage to befriend her she would end up being extremely loyal and protective towards you



Her favorite activity is sleeping, she would often do it for as long as she wants to do it.
She has grown used to wandering around, thus becoming one of her hobbies. She enjoys interacting with other poison types and haves a
soft spot for Small pokemon (She isnt as rude to pokemon that are way smaller than her)

Ground types, Pecha berries, Fairys (This doesn't applies to all fairy type, but she will have a more Rude way of interacting with them when she first meets one of them) Attacks from above (she doesn't knows how to react to them) Humans (Often mistreated by her former trainer) And at last but not least, Whenever other creatures taunt her because of her scent

Ground types/Steel types (Often feeling defenceless around them), Deep water (she is unable to swim)

Lifetime goal:
She doesn't haves any goal in particular yet

Like a Star @ heaven Special possessions:
Torn down scarf (Given to her by her first trainer)

Her trainer was the typical annoying brat that only kept her because of her shiny fur coloring, He always forced her in battle without considering anything, One night her trainer was getting his bag ready to depart from the pokemon center when he feel over and the pokeball opened up on impact breaking on the process, releasing her, it didn't took look until she became aware of what the current situation was using the opening to run out of the pokemon center and into the forest, She had never seen her trainer ever since then. (Currently a wild pokemon)

Other info:
She grows more docile over time.


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Re: Noxy (skuntank)

Post by Halohbottech on Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:28 am

Cool OC man. You don't see many Skuntank OC's, from what I've seen and the way you wrote her seems to fit what I'd imaging a Skuntank would act like. Once again, your OC is really cool. Smile

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Re: Noxy (skuntank)

Post by Mei13 on Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:46 am

This OC is super-cool! It's pretty much battle-styled. (Plus, a small issue- you forgot to add "Psychic" in type strengths. Since Skuntank is part Dark type, there is an immunity to the Psychic type. The Poison typing doesn't affect her at all.)

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Re: Noxy (skuntank)

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