Hannah The Shiny Emolga.

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Hannah The Shiny Emolga.

Post by eNdErPaChIrIsU♥ on Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:08 pm

Alrighty! I'm back, and showing a Brand-New OC I had in mind!
Hannah's Details (Warning!: I don't do backstories, so.. keep that in mind. Sorry for everyone that wanted to read backstories, its just.. hard to think of some..)
Gender: Female (Yes, 100% Of my OC's are Female. XD)
Theme Song: Bo$$
<-- Theme Song Shown here.

Has a Crush On: No one yet.

Hannah, is.. umm.. very much into fashion and stuff, easily gets jealous, is terrible at keeping secrets, and all she does is brag, brag, and brag. She is a true music lover. Her favorite color is Gold. She, just LOVES small creatures, expectly Pachi's. XD, and, she is very noisy. She likes to help out Other Girls when it comes to fashion, (Trust me, she has a lot of make-up.. and dresses.. and stuff like that.) she always asks her friends if they want to go shopping.
So.. Yeah! That's all for Hannah. XD, she's pretty much a girly girl.

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