Shock The Yellow Snivy.

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Shock The Yellow Snivy.

Post by eNdErPaChIrIsUā™„ on Sat Apr 11, 2015 8:26 pm

Oh god, you have been waiting for this, I guess. MORE SNIVY OCS! Very Happy
Well, I know it is weird to call a Snivy Shock, but.. I just like calling Pokemon unusual Names some times.. but, this snivy is yellow colored, so.. I feel like the Name 'Shock' is a good name for it.. ^^; <-- You can tell by the title of what I am talking about..

All of Shock's Theme Songs.

Gender: Female.
Nature: Timid.

Shock's random quote I thought of: "If you feel alone, just put on your Headphones." - Shock(Y.Snivy), 2015.

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