A Guide to the AmphyRP

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A Guide to the AmphyRP

Post by Allyson(Ninetales) on Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:31 am

Heyo, Allyson here, this is a guide of mine about AmphyRP..I hope you appreciate it Smile
A guide to the Room named AmphyRP:(it looks like FAQ tho)

How do I go to AmphyRP?
simply type in chat: /join AmphyRP

What is AmphyRP?
[02:02:47] Articuno: it's a room mostly for customs, generally runs more structured RPs
[02:04:38] Chihiro's AlterEgo: an alternate room that we use
[02:06:37] FX: amphy is rp rooms alt room. So say you didnt want to rp in the rp room for w/e reason, you could go to amphy and do a different rp there

Modchat is set to: + and above..I can't talk, why?
Relax, just PM the Roleplaying Bot: .voice and it will automatically make you voiced but please refrain from using and abusing broadcast commands, this command can only be used if there is a set RP
Every end of the AmphyRP staff which are: %,@,&,#,~ can use: .ampclear which devoices all voiced in the AmphyRP. At that time there can be 3 possible things to happen: a) A new RP Poll to happen b) a CP(Custom Priority) will happen 3)AmphyRP is dead at the moment due to lack of staff/roleplayers

What, I dont get it why didn't we get to do a poll? Why are we having a custom?
In AmphyRP there is a thing called CP(Custom Priority), where custom roleplays made by roleplayers have priority and doesn't need to win a poll.
custom priority can only be called if:
-New RP Poll is not ongoing
-You PM'd a mod or higher with your document

Why no freeroam?
As said, AmphyRP runs more structured roleplays, for that reason FR CANNOT be ran in Amphy. Don't worry there are FR variants that can be roleplayed in amphy like Prom/Homecoming and Kingdom

What type of RPs do I expect in AmphyRP
Probably the ff: Kingdom, Prom, Dungeons n' Dragonites, Trainer. Those RPs are very popular in AmphyRP but not in the main Roleplaying Room, though they are sometimes run in main. Some other RPs that mostly run in main also runs in Amphy like: Conquest,Uni and Murder Mystery. Also expect a lot of wonderful and creative customs of different Roleplayers

Are there Rules for AmphyRP?
of course there are here is a link to the document: http://goo.gl/HlVJnD

Note: Don't just tell anyone how to get to amphy, it will probably give you a warn

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