kamek(Mario reference I know)the espeon

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kamek(Mario reference I know)the espeon

Post by shiny beldum on Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:43 pm

Well well well, what have you gone into in the OC room.Just kidding.Anyway I was bored so I played pmss(paper Mario sticker star)and thought "hmmmmmm,what if kamek was a pkmon" so here we are.And I'll start explaing.

"hi,I'm kamek,why's my fur blue, long story"
Music:Paper Mario Sticker Star Music: Kamek's Theme - YouTube
Battle music:Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Kamek FULL Theme - YouTube
Likes:brooms,doritos,evil workers
Dislikes:questions,non-swirly glasses
Well this shuckle is pretty shellfish(no pun intended)when it comes to power and destruction,but kamek his spell caster is a very trusted sidekick,turning things into flip-flops stealing power yes he has it all.
History:"well...um okay"
Chapter 1:the child incident
As a child kamek was intristed in wicthcraft and brooms.Well while walking in a forest she fell in a blue spring,she swam to the top reaveling that her fur had turned blue and her gem magic.She couldn't go home after that and lived in the wild.She hummed a tune her dad taught her from a young age.And soon a shuckle took her to his castle.
Chapter 2:witches and broomsticks
Well bowser put her in his spare room filled with things of magic.She trained for years until she changed.she now wore big swirly glasses and a big hat.And rode a broomstick
Fave food:steak
Least fave food:salad
Fave hobby:magic
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Re: kamek(Mario reference I know)the espeon

Post by Halohbottech on Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:08 pm

Interesting OC. I've never played that PM game, so I can't say how /legit/ it is.

(don't even front yo, that pun was /totally/ intended, cuz selfish ain't spelled like that)

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