stripes, fastest zebra around

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stripes, fastest zebra around

Post by evergreen lemose on Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:03 pm

Likes: Oran and sitrus berries, running, battling, charging, zapping things.
Dislikes: Sleeping, staying still, calm mind users (they're too calm), not charging, not battling
Species: Zebstrika
Gender: Male
Level: 53
Moves: Flame charge
.          thunder bolt
.          facade
.          discharge
Ability: Sap sipper (yum yum)
Held item: Sitrus berry
Friends: Gary the gastly, majesty the rapidash
Family: Zipper (father, zebstrika); Amy (mother, accelgor); Shade (sister, liepard)


Stripes was an incredibly fast blitzle from birth, and that hasn't changed  a bit.
When Stripes was wandering around the forest where he lived, he found a shiny gastly. The gastly's name was Gary and they instantly became friends. But that was all before... Stripes was caught. It was a normal morning routine: Eat breakfast, charge into a tree, find Gary,  wander around the forest until dinner time. However, that routine was shattered by the sound of " go pokeball!". That was the last thing stripes heard in that forest.
His new teammates: (majesty the rapidash, banter the banette, splutter the koffing, feels the Gardevoir and seismo the seismitoad) told him that the gastly had escaped capture and was still in the forest. That relieved him a little bit. But the question remained, how would he get back to his family and Gary?
The answer to escaping came with stripes' evolution. When he became a Zebstrika, he learned flame charge. He steadily raised his speed until he was ready, and then he smashed his pokeball out of his masters' hands and galloped off, with majesty at his side.
They currently live in a city in Unova.

Body language: If stripes bends his 2 front legs towards you, he is safe to approach, however, if his body glows back away or prepare to get a thunder bolt in your face.
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