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fluffy the espeon

Post by evergreen lemose on Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:32 pm

First of all, lets get this straight, fluffy didn't ask to be fluffy

Likes: Protecting friends, wishing, sleeping
Dislikes: Having to move around too much, being beaten in battles

Gender: Female (tom boy)
Species: Espeon
Level: 41
Known moves: Protect
. wish
. dazzling gleam
. psychic
Ability: Magic bounce
Nature: Docile

Back story

Fluffy was named fluffy by her trainer who raised her from an egg. She absolutely hated it. Her trainer was fun, kind and generous but fluffy could never forgive her trainer for the name. Her teammates were a whole team of eeveelutions: Glaceon, umbreon, flareon, leafeon, sylveon and of course, herself. One day her and the trainer had wandered into a cave full of zubat. They had no torches so fluffy used her wish to help them. It came in the form of dazzling gleam. Now with her new fairy type move, Espeon is able to fell much larger dark types,.and is used more often in battle

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