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((This fanfiction includes Zenith, an OC Submitted to me a while ago, and Shadow, Shun, and Trivia are featured in here, as they were one of the first joiners in my DanganRonpa Forums RP. Here goes nothing))

A silhouette sat on the checkered floor. It was small, not more than a meter high. It was looking down and grinning. Static emitted from it as it raised its head and chuckled.
"You guys!"
"I am your Monokuma"

Chapter One
I was there. Finally. I had made it. Hope's Peak Academy... It was a thrill to be there, no, to stand at the gates of it. The idea of attending Hope's Peak Academy was beyond amazing. I never thought I'd get in. The towering academy stood over me, reaching towards the sky, almost touching the clouds. The academy consisted of five huge floors. The watch on my hand had it's hour hand at 7 and the minute hand at :05. Yeah, I was pretty early. But I was too excited to care. My hair covered my left eye from the sun, so i didn't get blinded. "...I better get in." I said to no one in particular but myself. I walked towards the entrance of the huge academy and stepped in.
Just at that time, I felt woozy, dizzy, unable to balance myself. My breathing was getting damper and it felt like a challenge to inhale. Alas, I collapsed and greeted the darkness that blanketed my eyes.
My head was on a wooden surface and my face was hot. In fact, my two arms were covering it, and my hair covered my right arm, touching the wooden surface. I opened my eyes slightly and adjusted the new light I was out into. The light, was in fact a light bulb. No windows. They were closed off by huge metal slabs. There were cameras aswell, but they had guns attached to them. A chill came down my spine. On the door, a note was placed. It was completely white except for scribbles which appeared to be words. "This looks like a chicken scratched the paper with ink.." I read it with a bit of trouble and decoded it to:
"Gather up in the gymnasium at Eight AM Sharp!" I looked at the clock. 7:55. I had to hurry, so I walked out the class and immediately headed for the gymnasium, passing room along with way, my eye catching the dormitories, I'd check them out later, but I was worried about those windows being blocked and the cameras.. I sighed, and reached forward to open the gymnasium doors, and when I did so...
I was greeted by the stares of fifteen other people!!
Almost immediately, I jumped back, not expecting everyone to be here, and not expecting this many people in general! I sighed and walked up to them.
"So what's going on?" I asked.
"We don't know. Did you also wake up in a classroom?" A boy said with black spiky hair.
I briskly nodded. Mutters surrounded the gymnasium as they started greeting themselves to me.
"Hey." A boy said with black hair and a big piece of his hair sticking upwards, which was white. "My name's Micheal, Super Duper High School Level Writer." He reached his hand out and I shook it.
"Yo." A person with blonde spiky hair, rugged up and messy, came up to me. "I'm Zac. Super Duper High School Level Roleplayer. Uh, not in a lewd or inappropriate way." I nodded.
The next one was the boy with black spiky hair. "...Kevin. Super Duper High School Level Myth Hunter." He looked behind his shoulder, Kevin was obviously paranoid. He seemed kind of edgy but there's bound to be some people in here that aren't enthusiastic.
A person with a cloak and a hood was leaning on the wall, silent. I shrugged, thinking I spoke to soon. I chuckled slightly. No introduction from the hood guy.
Another person came up, red spiky hair, and his fingers had these kinds of blue string. A puppet was on his back and with a small twitch of a finger, the puppet somersaulted in the air and wrapped it's legs around my chest, reaching it's hand out to shake it. I did so hesitantly, hoping my neck to not be snapped. "Damian. Super Duper High School Level Puppeteer." He said dully.
A boy with brown hair, covering his eye, having headphones on his ears, fistbumped me. "Name's Ryan. Super Duper High School Level DJ." He had his hands in his pockets after the fistbump, and he chuckled. At least he was enthusiastic.
A female walked up to me and presented me with flowers. "Welcome. I am the Great Zoe." She said and bowed. "I am the Super Duper High School Level Magician." Zoe declared. I nodded briskly again.
A boy with an eyepatch walked up to me. He was kinda nervous. I guessed he was about seventeen. He also had blonde spiky hair, but it was neat and tidy. "H-Hello. My name is Scott. Super Duper High School Level Lucky Student. I won the lottery this year." He said, looking at the ground.
A boy In Some kind of suit walked up to me, eyes looking into a book. "Zane. Super Duper High School Level Attorney" he muttered, walking away, eyes still fixed onto the book.
A girl with a flower pot on her head walked up to me. "Hello! I am Solareion!" She couldn't have been older than sixteen. She gleefully skipped away, "Oh! My super duper high school Level is... Hat Enthusiast/Touhou Enthusiast/ Corpse Party Enthusiast" Solareion giggled. Corpse Party?! I would be scarred for life. She was only about fifteen and so cute, how could she like Corpse Party?!? I coughed and looked up at the next person.
A person in a mask stood in front of me, hand placed on the mask. He had black spiky hair poking out of the mask, which had no mouth hole, nor eye holes, just colored white and black for the eye areas. "My name. Is Pan. Super Duper High School Level Loner." Pan said and quickly trudged away to a corner.
A boy walked up to me. A grey beanie was on his head. His jeans were torn and he had a red t-shirt. "Trivia, Super Duper High School Reader. I managed to read all the Harry Potter books in a matter of a day." He chuckled.
Next, a girl with long silver-ish hair was in front of me. Her right eye was purple and her left was gold. She was sixteen, and not much of the bulky and head-on type, more like shy and weak. She was wearing a skirt and whimpered out. "My name I-is Z-Zenith. S-Super D-Duper High S-School Level M-Medicine Expert." She said bluntly and walked away.
"YOOOOOOOOO" My eardrums almost exploded. I looked at the boy in front of me. He was playing on his 3DS, and glanced up at me. "I'm Shun! Nice to meetcha!" He had black hair, obviously, and a jacket with a hoodie and jeans. "Super Duper High School Level...." He button mashed the button A on his 3DS. "GAMEEEEER!!!" He screamed again. I checked to see if my ears still functioned.
A man with black hair, which covered his right eye walked up to me. He had to have been at LEAST twenty three years old. His eyes were pitch black. "My name is Shadow. Super Duper High School Level Martial Artist." He said with a sort-of deep voice. He was pretty tall. That's all he said before giving me a glare. I chuckled nervously. Those were all the fifteen other students. I sighed before introducing myself.
I had white hair sprout out from the left side of my head and swoop over the right side of my head, covering my right eye. It was spiky, and it had dashes of the color black in some places. I had normal clothes, a jacket with a hoodie, a t-shirt and jeans with shoes. I spoke up. "My name is Jordan. Super Duper High School Level Artist."
Just then, an enthusiastic voice spoke up from behind the podium at the end of the gymnasium. "Bah! What a waste of time! You're all just gonna hate each other soon enough." The voice made me flinch. A mono colored bear jumped up from behind the podium and buttslammed onto it. It was a toy bear, one side white and cute, the other side black, with a red slash for an eye and a huge grin for a mouth. "What the hell is this?!" I heard someone speak up. "Ah shut it, my name is... MonoKuma!!!!!" The bear stood up and danced enthusiastically. When he stopped. "You are obviously trapped in here." Those words echoed in my ears endlessly, my heart beats faster and faster. "And the only way to get out..." I felt slightly relieved....
"Is to kill each other."

Chapter Two
After hearing those words, I couldn't think of anything else. Just those words. My stare was fixed onto the floor, my stomach aching because of the fear bellowing through my body.
"Thaaaat's right! Kill each other, bludgeoning, drowning, burning, shooting, stabbing, neck snapping, drugging, torturing, slaughtering, hanging, manipulating, bone snapping, beating to death, whatEVER suits your needs, upupu..." MonoKuma said gleefully, skipping on the podium, his face turning red in excitement.
I still couldn't take in the fact that we were forced to kill each other. With a swift move of the head, I found the others in the same condition as me. The only one unaffected was Choice. Solar was hyperventilating, Micheal simply flinched and stood in place, Ryan's irises narrowed, everyone was expressing some sort of shock.
"You heard me right, kill. It's a killing kill kill festival with killing kill kills, it's an all-out kill-fest!!" MonoKuma repeated, giggling with that horrendous "upupupu". "B-"
"Alright, cut the crap!!" Damian interrupted me, stomping forwards and facing MonoKuma so close, that his hair was pushed upwards by the toy bear's "skin". Damian was in a glaring match with MonoKuma, who was now half-red in excitement if some sort and sweating. "Oh my! No violence against the headmaster, please!" The toy bear said, mocking Damian. With a pout, Damian ordered his puppet to grab MonoKuma but stopped it mid-task, sighing. The red-haired boy walked back to the group, head down in defeat, glaring at the floor.
"Aaanyways," Monkuma continued, "You have dormitories, each assigned to one of you. Obviously, you have locks, and the rooms are soundproof! So the culprits would have fun with as many screams as they want!!" He finished, giggling, blushing. Wait, did he mean that some would c--
"And lastly, have fun with the despair rushing through your body now!" The toy bear said, backflipping off the podium. MonoKuma seemed to have disappeared behind the podium. I was one of the people to look behind the podium for a secret passageway or something, but I ended up with nothing, along with Micheal who accompanied me with this task. After reporting what we found, which were more blocked windows, Kevin crossed his arms and bluntly reported: "I found shutters blocking stairs which apparently go to the second floor.". No reply was given, just a few nods and "Aha"s... I simply looked at the group, before Pan said one word. "Hope.". That cheered up some of us, but left others in a worse state. Hope was the one thing we were clutching on. Kevin and Micheal even smiled slightly. Trivia and Shun were in a worse state though, frowning.
No more than an hour later, we all scattered to our dormitories, slightly paranoid. I, for one, was horrified. Still, a bit of hope shined in me. After all, no one would kill.. "Right..?" I asked myself and closed the door, locking it. I sat on my bed, fumbling with my fingers, unsure if what to do. I was so confused...
An announcement briskly made it's way into my ears. "10 PM! Get to bed, please, it's Night Time!". The enthusiastic voice of MonoKuma.. After a few minutes, I took off my jacket that I was wearing and lay down in the bed placed in my room. I had a bathroom and a desk, so I wouldn't die of boredom or lack of hygiene. With a sigh, I closed my eyes, and began sleeping in a few minutes.
Soon, I woke up, and put on my jacket. Day two. I walked outside my dormitory, and trudged towards the cafeteria. When I got there, the place was filled with the fifteen other students. Thank god, no one got killed. "So, uh, sh-" I began saying but was interrupted by Zane. "We need a game plan of sorts, if we're stuck here, then we need some kind of a night rule. No one goes out during Night Time. Well, only if you don't want to go out. If you do want to, just go outside your dormitory and be mauled to death." Zane said, strategically placing his words. Solar shuddered at "mauled to death". I guess Corpse Party wasnt the real thing and this was more horrifying. Most of us agreed, Shadow being the only one who denied the rule and wanted to roam around during the night. 'A guy like him obviously is gonna roam at night' I thought to myself and chuckled slightly. We continued discussing things until Noon, where we split up to do our daily things like eat. I ate and then explored the classrooms and gymnasium. Nothing interesting.. I walked back to my dormitory.
When I sat down on my bed, a knock on my door ensued.

Chapter Three
No more than a minute later, I opened the door and Micheal invited himself in. "Right." I said, and he walked around my room. "So, why are you here?" I asked, glancing at the bathroom in case Micheal was hostile. "I dunno. Just wanted to talk with someone." He shrugged, looking at me. I didn't quite believe him. "Um, sure.. What do you want to talk about?" I asked, while shifting uncomfortably. "Well, you know how we're supposed to..." I nodded bluntly. "Do you think someone would actually kill...?" He asked, looking in my direction. My heart began pumping a bit faster, and I started to sweat. Was he thinking about murdering me..? No. He couldn't kill me, right? "Well, I don't really know. It's up to t-them." I managed to stutter out the last word and Micheal looked at be suspiciously, noticing my nervous reactions. I hoped that he wouldn't attack or confront me. "Right." He leaned against the wall, looking at me, hands in his pockets. "Well, that's all I needed to talk about." He said and quickly left the room, closing the door behind him. I looked at the door, which led to outside my dormitory.. Was he waiting outside for me to begin locking it and attack...? My hand outstretched towards the door, and I quickly locked it, sighing with relief. "Thank god..." I whispered, sitting on my bed and lying down.
I needed the rest, so I can wake up tomorrow and defend myself from supposed killers. "Oh god." I finally got under a blanket, out my head down on my bed, and attempted to sleep.. I had slight insomnia from all the nights I stood up drawing. When I finally got to sleep, I dreamt about what had happened before... This...
But nothing. Next thing I know, I wake up to the annoying voice of MonoKuma, blasting through the speakers. "Godammit, can't even let me sleep." I glanced at the clock, it was 8 AM. I mumbled stuff about the ignorance of that dumb bear but realized it wanted us to murder each other. "Oh yeah." I simply said, sighing at my aloof behavior, and went outside. I trudged over to the cafeteria, where I went into the kitchen, making myself some food, I didn't care what, and ate it. I was sitting, obviously, in the cafeteria, in the corner table.
I continued eating my food until Kevin sat in the table next to me. Of all the places. Ryan then took another table, on the other side of the cafeteria, then Solareion, then Pan, then Choice, then Damian, then Shun, Shadow, soon, everyone was here and most of them in different tables. Each of them, eating their food, silent, only crunches of cereal could be heard amongst the cafeteria. I wasn't going to risk getting enemies, so I stood quiet. Trivia was in the middle table, I noticed. I finished up my food and walked back to the kitchen, washing the dish I was eating from, as well as the kitchen utensil I was using, a spoon, for the cereal I ate.
I then explored around the school, even though I explored yesterday and went to every single room this place had offered. I looked inside the gymnasium, and then inside the two classes and jumped when I heard Micheal's voice. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Uh, exploring." I answered, gulping. "Are you sure?" He asked, getting closer to me. "Yes, I'm sure." I replied sternly, I was tired of his shit. Micheal scowled and walked out the classroom I was in. "Jerk." I murmured, walking out soon. I walked back to my dormitory and began sketching on a piece of paper I got. Obviously, Micheal was now on my "Not - Like" list now, as he was a total pile of trash. I drew some sketches of a guy and then some sketches of the dumb toy bear, MonoKuma. I chuckled at the result, and I drew MonoKuma pretty well. "Maybe I'll bribe him into giving me immunity." I muttered, chuckling once more. It was 12 PM, so I walked around the first floor again, talking to some of the people, including Shun, Trivia, and Ryan. Finally, at 2 PM, I heard the sound of Monokuma's voice over the PA System. "Come on over to the Gymnasium!!!"
"I have a motive for murder..."
I walked to the gymnasium hesitantly, where MonoKuma was dancing, as usual. I sighed, thinking that I shouldn't have drawn that sketch of the toy bear. "Anywaaays..." He said, pausing. "The motive is simple."

"One of you doesn't die in 48 hours, you will all die a brutal death."

Chapter Four
I simply stood there, in shock. One of us would die in less than two days? Impossible. I glanced around, sweating. Scott grunted, crossing his arms, looking down at the ground. Choice wasn't showing much emotion, if any. Damian simply crossed his arms, but I could see a bead of sweat. Micheal was also shocked by such news. Needless to say, I spoke up. "B-But... What-" I began, thinking of words i could use. "W-Why?" I simply asked, looking at the toy bear, Monokuma.
Monokuma, twirling and giggling, stopped and gave a serious stare towards me. I could feel a chill slash down my spine. "Well. One reason would be for my personal fun. My consent of what you will feel, either despair or hope. Mostly despair. Once more, it is for my personal fun." Monokuma said, his face getting red with rage, his red slash for an eye reacting to his anger. He sighed, and continued twirling, "But you can all die if you dont kill someone, your choice!" Monokuma giggled. He began tumbling, but regained balance as if it was a dance move. I couldnt believe it. A toy bear kept sixteen students trapped in a school, forcing them to murder each other. How did my life get to this? Next thing i know, Scott spoke up, pissed. "Oi, toy bear, or whatever the shit. What the fuck happens if only one person ends up living?" He smirked. The toy bear thought for a while. "I'd just kill the remaining person." Monokuma chuckled. What?! No! "But that's unfair!" I retaliated, running my mouth.
Monokuma stopped, and gave me that glare once more. I really should stop talking. "Boy, i do not care if it's fair or not. All i care is of despair, especially amongst yourselves." The toy bear then giggled and continued twirling. What the hell did i do to deserve this...? Monokuma finally stopped, and balanced himself on a podium, backflipping to under it, out of sight. Scott, Trivia, and Shadow shifted uncomfortably, and i was tempted to do so as well.
After five minutes of silence, Zane spoke up. "Forty eight hours.". Some of us briskly nodded, at the realization of everyone dying. Shadow grunted, followed swiftly by Damian. Micheal crossed his arms, with a small "Hm" emitting from him. Was he thinking of killing someone? Solareion whimpered, obviously from fear. Didnt she like murder..? 'Fictional Murder, maybe..' I thought, correcting myself. Silence ensued once more, only shifting being heard. "So..." I said, hoping to break the silence. Choice scoffed at the attempt, walking out the gymnasium. Zoe soon walked out as well. Scott was having an unsatisfied look plastered on his face. Who could be satisfied in this situation?
I sighed, walking out the gymnasium, being followed by Micheal and Zac. Zac seemed focused on following me— Oh god. Was he plotting my murder?! Micheal split ways with Zac, going towards the cafeteria. I bumped into Kevin, and i apologized. To be honest, trying to not look suspicious to the person following you is pretty hard. Zac kept walking behind me, at a distance of course. Ryan would walk up to me, and I tensed up. "Oh, Hey there, Ryan." I said, chuckling nervously, glancing behind my shoulder to see if Zac was there. He was gone. I sighed in relief and turned back to Ryan. "What's u-up?" I reluctantly asked. He shrugged, "Nothing much. Just hoping i don't die." Ryan said, adjusting his headphones and crossing his arms. "Two days is pretty generous." The brown-haired boy said, looking at me. "Yeah." Wait. Pretty Generous? Was he plotting to kill someone, or even me?! Oh god. I sighed and said, "Yeah, if you put it that way. N-not that im trying to kill someone." I quickly added. Pan walked towards the cafeteria in the distance, and i noticed his hesistant steps. Did he kill someone? No.. I need to stop thinking like that. Pan couldn't do that.. Right?
I shifted my attention back to Ryan. "So, um, what's your point?" I asked, chuckling nervously again. Zenith bumped into me and quickly apologized. "Sorry!" She said, wincing. To be completely honest, i haven't seen her since the first day of being trapped. "No problem!" I replied. "Im a-always so c-clumsy." She murmured, running her hand through her silver-ish hair. I nodded bluntly, looked back at Ryan, but he vanished somewhere. "So, erm... What do you think of the situation we're in now?" I asked, not knowing what else to do. She winced, "I d-don't know." Zenith looked at the ground. I felt bad for her, she must feel so scared and horrified. But, what could i do about it?
After a small and unneeded conversation with Zenith, I walked away, towards my dormitory. This was one hell of a day. Running my hand through my hair, i walked inside my dormitory, locked the door, and sat on my bed. I screamed in frustration, knowing that the room was soundproof. I didnt care, though. "Godammit!" I shouted, punching the wall, after jumping up from the bed, of course.
With a sigh, I laid back down on the bed, and closed my eyes. No, i covered them with my hand. As i pushed my hand upwards to my forehead, i closed my eyes and went to sleep. It was already 9 PM. I didnt want to be up when the murderers would lurk.
And I hoped I wouldn't die.

Whew! Hoped you enjoyed it! More coming soon!
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