A Quick Guide: Designing OCs

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A Quick Guide: Designing OCs

Post by SeriouslySkarmory on Sat May 16, 2015 12:17 am

Hey! If this is your first forum experience, I've got this cool thread to teach you how to design and develop a character fluidly.

STEP 1: Gather Materials
To get right into creation, first you need a way to record and build your OC. I use Pages, but Word, Notepad and any other text editor will work just fine. You may also want a picture to base the character on, but I rarely do this, instead deciding on my character before looking at appearance.

STEP 2: Build the OC
Decide on a name and bio first. That is, age, gender, species (if a Pokemon/Gijinka character) and physical stats, being height, weight, etc. A good example is my OC, Snow. I created her for a forum RP with humans that could transform into Pokemon, but she has evolved since the RP fell through. I knew I wanted her to be old enough to be brave, yet young enough to be naive and untrusting. 18 fit well there. Height and build was simple too: I wanted her to be of average height and a sturdy yet still petite frame. Boom, bio done.

STEP 3: Build and Polish Character
Now, create a history, personality and mannerisms for your character. Sticking with Snow, I wanted her to be abandoned due to her immense power, but be able to survive due to the wild Pokemon taking her in for a time. This would build her naive, untrusting personality and simple inability to understand some civilised ideas. Then, mannerisms like her willingness to help stem from that. As she was assisted through her infantile stage, she vowed to make sure others were safe- even if they weren't in need of help. Speech patterns are also decided at this stage, and things like shyness, bravery and disregard for others' views in speech also.

STEP 4: See What Others Think
Now that the OC is done, put all their info into a "Rate My OC" here on the forums and see what others think. Take their CnC on board to improve the character and make it perfect.

STEP 5: Head Into an RP
Now that the OC's done, use it in a proper RP! Freeroam is good to build a new character, and stuff like MM, DnD and other Custom RPs are good for a honed character to flex in a fixed scenario.

I hope these tips have been helpful and happy creating!

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