Outgoing, Clever OC

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Outgoing, Clever OC

Post by Cryptik on Mon May 25, 2015 8:24 pm

So I recently watched No Game No Life and saw an awesome character named Sora. He's pretty much just an 18-year-old otaku who's extremely intelligent and cunning, but outgoing and negotiable.

I really wanted to make an OC similar to Sora. Not necessarily an otaku, but someone who's cunning and sly, but fun to hang out and not a complete nerd. However, most of my OCs are usually insane and act before they think.

Usually, most of my OCs just live the YOLO life and aren't negotiable at all. Of course, if I wanted to make this an OC, I would have to stray away from my usual style of RPing. I have yet to build a background, find an appearance, or even build this OC.

If anybody has any suggestions for this Sora-like OC, I would be glad to take them.

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