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Post by Sparkly on Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:49 pm

Nickname(s): Sneak, Breakfast, 54

Gender: Female

Ability: Limber

Age: 15

Height: 5" 7

Weight: 93 lbs

Nature: Naughty - Jolly

Occupation: None currently. Steals food and items for herself. Still haven't found her dream item, Lopunnite.

Birthplace: Old Gateau

Current Residence: Roaming in the forest.

Apparel: A bag stolen from a trainer she encountered. A Choice Band hidden underneath the cuffs of fur around her paws.

Oddities in Appearance:
Instead of the typical Brown and Brown-Yellow color of her body, she has a Blackish Purple tint to her fur, which is mainly Black. The tips of her ears and eyebrows are green.

Known Moves:

• High Jump Kick
• Ice Punch
• Quick Attack
• Frustration


Originally a 15 year old girl, a band of Kidnappers took her away while she was sleeping. They altered her body to look like a lopunny, so she became one entirely.

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Post by Galom on Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:17 pm

I'm a bit confused about... well, a lot of your OC. First off, she is freakishly tall for a Lopunny. Lopunny as a species average at 3'11", while your character stands at 5'7" (more than 40% taller than the average Lopunny). Secondly, she is absurdly light for her ridiculous height. Any mammalian creature standing 5'7" is going to weigh at least 110lbs, probably more like 120. You also listed two Natures. I don't really understand how this is possible, since Pokemon can only have one Nature.

Beyond that, I am a bit confused as to how she would know what a Lopunnite, or Mega Evolution for that matter, even is, since she is a wild Pokemon. You also mentioned something about her having transformed from a human, but hardly went into any detail about it. Even though I never encourage making OCs like this, I suppose you can should try it if you really want to. I highly recommend you flesh out this OC's backstory better so everything makes a little more sense. Right now, I don't really understand much at all about this OC, which is not how you should feel after reading a bio.

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